Thursday, February 5, 2015



The last days of summer, descend uneasy skies,
merging mountain and valley beyond in twilight.
Crimson nebulous shrouds give promise of return,
as warmth embraces my soul, and says goodbye.

Thoughts grace reflection as mirrors looking back,
engaging heartfelt moments and happier times.
All appears as yesterday, some moments forever,
these treasures locked away from long ago.

Faded smiles return, with longing thoughts of home,
travelling to scenes in old black and whites,
they play on my mind and nourish my soul.
Essence flickers recognition from guarded reaches,
filling a melancholy heart with happiness.

Cherished friends no longer here,
family come back to life,
now bathed in empathy and protected,
where time never ends,
We embrace our moments together once again.

Autumn has arrived, and in brilliant colour,
trees rain their creative souls upon the ground.
A mosaic of splendour and abundance,
freely given as an offering to the essence of nature.
Benediction and thanks for granting substance and life,
but leaving its soul exposed to harsh elements.

A dusting of thoughts engage brilliant seasons,
where conscious smiles forever shining, gaze.
We once painted infinity with laughter and song,
a montage of energy in the celebration of being,
heard and recorded by time and moments made,
to play here, in the valleys of radiant memory.

The sun now falls and sets on autumn skies,
winter arrives, cold with life’s sacrifice,
when tree’s nod off to sleep on seasons ending.
Natures guardians stand firm and strong to the elements,
defiant, proud and upright with deep roots to life,
they vow to reawaken with springs rebirth.

I nod my agreement with noble promise, well made,
and pledge my covenant of remembrance,
to those that hold my conscious spirit,
returning back to times before, I gladly affirm.

When the last sun goes down, in the winter’s eve of my life,
we will again meet, in those treasured moments,
to repaint valley skies with our spirit and essence,
together once again, we will be home.

This Poem was inspired by a very moving composition by artist and composer John Sokoloff called “Valleys”

John Sokoloff – Official Website
John Sokoloff - YouTube
John Sokoloff  - World United Music


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you John. I wrote it while listening to the music to capture the emotion. Even now I find it's best read while the music plays. 8-)


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