Sunday, February 1, 2015

Be Aware and Forewarned

Be Aware and Forewarned

Days of dark insanity, brings the world calamity,
Unleashed now are the demons of the Kell.
They destroy our peace, as our freedoms cease,
Greed and violence turn the Earth to hell.

Strong armed at protests, they beat the nation down,
Freedom of the people, crushed into the ground.

Military might is ferocious, their malcontent is atrocious
Sick violence unleashed upon the World,
Placed on foreign lands, acts of evil hands,
And a new war is then unfurled.

Deceiving Politicians, commanding sinful blame,
Excused by hidden interests, who control the entire game.

Society’s been extracted, held captive and distracted,
TV cites their schools of mind and thought,
Programs entice eruption, they hide all the corruption,
Misguided fools so cheaply they are bought.

Mankind was once mighty, in knowledge did it bask,
the proof’s in ancient history, in the ruins of their task.

Seek for truth as guidance, be resolute in stridence,
Your common sense will serve and not fail,
Question all the lies, pay attention to the ties,
Be confident, determined and not for sale.

Trust your inner wisdom, unity is our fate,
The Answers are inside you, the choice is yours to make.

*Form: Tri-Quatrain/Couplet

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