Monday, September 29, 2014

Memories of You

Memories of You

In times of quiet reflection my thoughts come back to you,
I see your smiling presence there, the friend that I once knew.

How wonderful to see you, on stages we played back then,
and the rules we dared to challenge, all worth it in the end.

I remember all the evenings, filled with life and laughter,
the secrets that we kept, and promises we made after.

And when my eyes do open, your presence n' shadows there,
fills me with deep compassion, to recall the love we shared.

Here within my memories, your broad smiles still remain,
you’re ever vibrant n' youthful, my friend you’re still the same.

We never stopped our dreaming, and we never lost our way,
still hearing our sounds of laughter, they never go away.

Longing for all the times we had, the places we did trend,
recalling all these moments, I’m so glad you were my friend.


Final edit: 2018 March 20.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mirrors and Reflections

Mirrors and Reflections
The forest fills with Fireflies, and sends my mind afar,
While looking up, a familiar face is cast among the stars.

Memories fill my mortal gaze, as silent movies run,
Remembering smiles of happiness, and the warmth of a rising sun.

The sage is urging me forward now, our spirits are pulled away,
Time for memories tomorrow then, when my tasks have had their day.

Moving with what guides my life, in tidal energy flow,
The wave of light uplifts my soul, and directs me where to go.

Passing through the darkness, silver oceans cast their light,
Like conscious rivers flowing, impassioned, warm and bright.

Empathic thoughts projected, embrace the memories of you,
Together as one spirit, nothing else comes through.
My mind’s in deep reflection, as the universe begins,
It kindles a warming fire, from the light that’s fed within.
Thoughts evolve from inner light, and travel conscious plains,
The more I feed the torus, the brighter are its flames.
Spheres of thought and memory, all aligned in phase,
Filled with every moment, to express my mortal days.
Orbs of light and brilliance, circle around me so,
Like fireflies in heaven, they’re calling me to go.
Thought and light are merging now, my mind becomes so clear,
The consciousness that’s guiding me, has taken all my fear.
Mirrored are the heavens, reflecting all that’s true,
At last we are together, I’m finally back with you.

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