Sunday, February 22, 2015

Inspiring Moments 03

Inspiring Moments

Inspiring moments, sending grace,
lifting spirits and warming face.
Connection made, to make you whole,
rays of light to fill your soul.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valley Bridge at Twilight

Valley Bridge at Twilight

Fishing under the Valley Bridge, where I’ll take my son today,
beneath old wooden structure, in the shadows our rods will prey.

The dusty road ran down the canyon, was steep and full of turns,
but that didn’t stop our excitement, nor burden our return.

Our ancient village wonder, a monolith of sturdy claim,
wide arches on either end and Roman middle was its frame.

The aqueduct of Segovia, brilliance before us stood,
with seventy-two small arches, double stacked and made of wood.

The early morning sunrise, was gleaming in Northern Cali,
it gave our bridge a shadow, that hushed a sleeping valley.

Whistle sounds a-distant, eerie wind to raise my attention,
turning to my boy, “there’s a story I forgot to mention”.

We sat down near the river edge, to watch the oncoming train,
its smoke rose over the mountain, its weight already a strain.

I began to tell the tale, that my father passed on to me,
passed to each generation, since our family store come to be.

It began with bridge construction, horse and buggy ruled the day,
the townships were being connected, by iron without delay.

The owners were in a hurry, seems progress wouldn’t be stopped,
the bridge was to be completed, so they worked around the clock.

The massive engine arrived there early, its size widened eyes,
packed in the cars that followed, a large bank vault, and town supplies.

The railway owner livid emerged, from his special caboose,
“What’s the delay now conductor?” he moaned like a bullish moose.

“The bridge is not completed, we’ll have to wait a little while”,
spit the tobacco subordinate, to the boss so full of guile.

“This train’s to move by sundown! and that’s all the time you’ve got”,
the heritor slammed his door shut, horses spooked and now distraught.

The bridge crew were almost finished, when sun set that afternoon,
but the iron track wasn’t ready, as the train left way too soon.

The town gathered at the station, waving flags and cheering on,
then in a thunder jolting instant, the train was up and gone.

The valley drop was steep and sharp, gave accelerated speed,
the river below drowned out the sound, no warning for them to heed.

then brakes engaged like screeching nails, the thunder heard was numbing.
focused on the tracks ahead, they never saw it coming.

Years had passed in village mourning, when the bridge was finally finished,
seventy two people died that day, their essence never diminished.

It is said that when the sun sets, and angel rays touch the bridge,
you can see their silhouette’s, and shadows, there above the ridge.

Your great grand dad was there that day, just opened the family store,
he saved his money from the camps and laboured with sledge no more.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Forest of Dreams and Consciousness

Forest of Dreams and Consciousness

In forests of dreams and consciousness, the universe does unfold,
along the stairway of knowledge, where stories of truth are told.

Each level a grand finally, each step a secret place,
The road to your awakening, is waiting for your embrace.

It begins with Psilocybin, Entheogen portals and flowers,
Expanding mind and consciousness, deciphering all your powers.

The mind does gently open, your awareness exponential,
woodlands of incitement, to lift your true potential.

Beacons of light await you, sentinels for each stride,
do not be afraid of them, they’re there to be your guide.

Here in the world of wonders, energy unfolds for you,
a universe filled with consciousness, in forests to go through.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Midnight Dreams

Midnight Dreams

The tree swing moved in silence, with graceful thrusts in air,
Victorian gown was swaying, on the young lady sitting there.

The summer night was dreamy, with the moon hidden by clouds,
Shimmering on the forest lake, were reflections of satin shrouds.

The air was filled with lyric, in earthly poetic psalm,
an atmosphere inviting, tranquil, serene and calm.

There at the edge of the timber, shadows passed into the light,
moving towards the shaman queen, this solstice evening night.

Gathered on a gentle breeze, empathy touched their spirit,
impressions from a conscious mind, assuring not to fear it.

Tonight begins the healing, by a mothers prayer in song,
impassioned melody of guidance, and call to do no wrong.

Her voice was very gentle, carried on heartbeats breath,
with chakra modulations, so subtle and full of depth.

Light of thought in brilliance, before my eyes in sleep,
a vision of twilight's awakening, and gift for me to keep.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Little Miracle

Our Little Miracle

Spring arrived early that year, in our little village of Rome,
as migration came much sooner, and livened up our home,
Life worked out a miracle, after the doctors we did phone,
and our family tree grew bigger, the couple no longer alone.

Just out back in our garden, where the family oak tree stood,
was a wicker basket carriage, with a white frilly hood.
There inside smiling, was our pride, and next generation,
our newborn baby girl, who would inherit our plantation.

My wife and I stood there, our arms around each other,
Smiling at our little one, who looked just like her mother.
If only dad were still with us, your mum, and father too,
We could take a family picture, while the flowers are in bloom.

The morning mist was lifting, as the birds were in full song,
they gathered in the trees above as more birds joined along.
Then landing on the carriage sides, two sparrows began to play,
their chirping brought more laughter, and chased the morning grey.

The clouds dissolved and parted, as the sun shone down its rays,
and there above the carriage, was a glow that seemed to stay.
Our little girl was looking up, something made her smile,
as if someone were standing there, talking to her a while.

I grabbed my little camera, took a picture of the beautiful sight,
I swear we saw three figures, winged, and filled with light.
And just as quick they vanished, as the clouds returned the shade,
But deep inside, my wife and I, knew who came that day.

Thursday, February 5, 2015



The last days of summer, descend uneasy skies,
merging mountain and valley beyond in twilight.
Crimson nebulous shrouds give promise of return,
as warmth embraces my soul, and says goodbye.

Thoughts grace reflection as mirrors looking back,
engaging heartfelt moments and happier times.
All appears as yesterday, some moments forever,
these treasures locked away from long ago.

Faded smiles return, with longing thoughts of home,
travelling to scenes in old black and whites,
they play on my mind and nourish my soul.
Essence flickers recognition from guarded reaches,
filling a melancholy heart with happiness.

Cherished friends no longer here,
family come back to life,
now bathed in empathy and protected,
where time never ends,
We embrace our moments together once again.

Autumn has arrived, and in brilliant colour,
trees rain their creative souls upon the ground.
A mosaic of splendour and abundance,
freely given as an offering to the essence of nature.
Benediction and thanks for granting substance and life,
but leaving its soul exposed to harsh elements.

A dusting of thoughts engage brilliant seasons,
where conscious smiles forever shining, gaze.
We once painted infinity with laughter and song,
a montage of energy in the celebration of being,
heard and recorded by time and moments made,
to play here, in the valleys of radiant memory.

The sun now falls and sets on autumn skies,
winter arrives, cold with life’s sacrifice,
when tree’s nod off to sleep on seasons ending.
Natures guardians stand firm and strong to the elements,
defiant, proud and upright with deep roots to life,
they vow to reawaken with springs rebirth.

I nod my agreement with noble promise, well made,
and pledge my covenant of remembrance,
to those that hold my conscious spirit,
returning back to times before, I gladly affirm.

When the last sun goes down, in the winter’s eve of my life,
we will again meet, in those treasured moments,
to repaint valley skies with our spirit and essence,
together once again, we will be home.

This Poem was inspired by a very moving composition by artist and composer John Sokoloff called “Valleys”

John Sokoloff – Official Website
John Sokoloff - YouTube
John Sokoloff  - World United Music

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Estuary of Life

Estuary of Life

Mist swells in perfect reflection on estuary's mirror,
held in place by the chill of the air.

Dawn peaks on the horizon,
its rays held back by rising fog.
Thrilled sounds of the geese are heard making ready,
as they offer their prayers to god above.
Echoes from the forest join their hymn,
as all make ready to greet a nebulous morning sky.

Excitement builds to hushed thunder,
by the beat of ten thousand wings,
in reply to the silence,
and a new song lifts into the air.

Hearts racing, beating faster in joy and jubilation,
they carry my spirit in tow,
raising me up with them in celebration of life,
a oneness with the universe,

and the river of life goes ever on.


Music brings image and emotion together in ones mind and as I reflect on the brilliant piece of music by Dirk Maasson “The River” I’m reminded of the Estuary of Life and the magic nature holds.

Dirk Maassen - River

Dirk Maassen – Official Website
Dirk Maassen - Bandcamp

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vision of Beauty

Adolphe √Čtienne Piot (1850-1910), Femme dans un manteau (1871),
Oil on canvas, 40 x 52 cm. Via Sotheby’s.

Vision of Beauty

A vision of beauty imprisons me,
I'm overwhelmed by an empathic soul.
I must move in for a closer look,
this viewing that makes me whole.

And there my gaze unfurls,
at the painting on the wall.
Impressions of a lonely girl
Hooded with a shawl.

A smile content with ruby lips,
eyes serene and open.
With hands in clasp, thoughts do slip,
her heart no longer broken.

Compassionate feelings plain in view,
expressed by her caring thoughts.
Imprints on my mind a new,
no longer am I fraught.

Happiness abounds unfolding,
from eyes without despair.
A vision so bright and beholding,
this girl before me in prayer.

Portrait of Immortal Vision,
so misty eyed and clear of mind.
The artist captured your decision,
and the inner peace that you did find.

I must come back to have a look,
at the lonely girl on the wall,
Her tender smile fills my book,
when I visit the museum hall.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Be Aware and Forewarned

Be Aware and Forewarned

Days of dark insanity, brings the world calamity,
Unleashed now are the demons of the Kell.
They destroy our peace, as our freedoms cease,
Greed and violence turn the Earth to hell.

Strong armed at protests, they beat the nation down,
Freedom of the people, crushed into the ground.

Military might is ferocious, their malcontent is atrocious
Sick violence unleashed upon the World,
Placed on foreign lands, acts of evil hands,
And a new war is then unfurled.

Deceiving Politicians, commanding sinful blame,
Excused by hidden interests, who control the entire game.

Society’s been extracted, held captive and distracted,
TV cites their schools of mind and thought,
Programs entice eruption, they hide all the corruption,
Misguided fools so cheaply they are bought.

Mankind was once mighty, in knowledge did it bask,
the proof’s in ancient history, in the ruins of their task.

Seek for truth as guidance, be resolute in stridence,
Your common sense will serve and not fail,
Question all the lies, pay attention to the ties,
Be confident, determined and not for sale.

Trust your inner wisdom, unity is our fate,
The Answers are inside you, the choice is yours to make.

*Form: Tri-Quatrain/Couplet

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