Tuesday, March 24, 2020

CORVID Medical Martial Law

CORVID Medical Martial Law

The sun has come to shine on days,
unmoral code decreed and made,
when martial law descends through fear,
by despot creatures insincere.

The games afoot to feed the fools,
work’s been cancelled along with schools,
and what’s to come unfolds today,
when fingers point to make you pay.

The markets crash around the world,
events they planned they now unfurl,
by using fear to launch their plans,
a host of laws and freedom bans.

Supply lines thinning borders locked,
nothing moves and nothing’s stocked,
ration cards are soon expected,
on vital products most affected.

Programmed line ups wait for food,
long on life and short on mood,
sentries armed protect the rations,
snarling words in war like fashions.

Those who govern punish you,
when quoting facts about the flu,
don’t leave home without a mask,
and pose no questions, do not ask.

Angst uneasy controls the masses,
rupture rages through the classes,
recreation’s been demolished,
circus games have been abolished.

Big brother’s watching from behind,
leaving home will get you fined,
so hunker down and stay indoors,
and keep away from all the stores.

No groups of two allowed to walk,
six feet away before you talk,
danger tape says parks are closed,
martial law has been imposed.

And when its done, this CORVIS flu,
things will change for me and you,
for laws they made will still remain,
to flush your freedoms down the drain.

And what comes next will then unfold,
a cashless system they remold,
with social credits, 5G claims,
the rest of us in hunger games.
By: The Activist Poet

About this Poem: 

Weather the CORVID-19 Pandemic is real or not is not the issue, the real issue is the information we are not being told about the seasonal flu which kills tens of thousands of people every year. Those with prior existing illnesses and the elderly are always the most vulnerable. There are many corona viruses some stronger some weaker. 

However, that aside, I do know something about economics and to me this over hyped pandemic is the excuse to bring down the current bankrupt economic system and replace it with a cashless 5G system that will be more totalitarian than the Imperial one that is crashing in flames right now. It was planned long ago with China taking the seat of control of this new World Order which will unfold when CORVID-19 ends the American economic empire.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020



In folds of darkness,
on cusps of light,
shadows hover,
all through the night.

and when they fall,
their forms reveal,
familiar faces,
once concealed.

Hiding here,
I take a chance,
revealing fears,
as whispers dance,

and when they fall,
their forms reveal,
familiar faces,
once concealed.

Radiance crests,
upon my runes,
eclipsed forever,
on Celtic moons.

before their time,
does fade away,
whispers dance,
on lights decay.

and when they fall,
their forms reveal,
familiar faces,
once concealed.

About this Poem: Inspired by the song "Familiar" by Agnes Obel

Thursday, February 27, 2020



Smiles brim with knowledge,
understanding and grace,
they feel for the universe,
while caught in loves embrace.

Infectious smiles of laughter,
beaming eyes of light,
held forever after,
our lanterns in the night.

Music is the pathway,
rhythms are the source,
smiling is the product,
of natures healing force.

About this Poem: A few words of healing for Leah Song of Rising Appalachia to wish her good health and a speedy recovery. 

To smile is to unlock all the natures medicine 

Sunday, February 9, 2020


Ameropia – (American Myopia)

American leaders what’s your game,
when you burn the world in your name,
in occupation you feel no shame,
for those you kill, the ones you blame.

American soldier what’s your fate,
when crushing nations with your hate,
it’s not your job to destroy a state,
or murder people to make you great.

Let’s not forget your C.I.A.,
the dirty covert roles they play,
with secret ops and bank rolled pay,
to fund the CHAOS they purvey.

American people, where’s your head,
cheering blindly, a nations dead,
can’t you see you’ve been misled,
by corrupt officials and their Fed?

Where will you be without your friends,
each nation burned that does not mend,
on killing fields that never end,
where hubris screams as war descends.

Help me believe war’s not your mind,
that people there are not unkind,
stop the madness and decline,
embrace a peace with all mankind.

BY: The Activist Poet

About this Poem: “Ameropia” or American Myopia 

Always hopeful that people in the USA see what is being done to the nations of the world in their name by both political parties and those behind the scenes that finance them...when will the crimes end? When the American people stand up and put an end to them...

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Hazy State of Being

The Hazy State of Being

Human existence,
in all of its strife,
forever searching,
the meaning of life.

But before our eyes,
the answers are there,
as all that’s created,
come in a pair.

Our presence is mirrored,
above and below,
on tree, and universe,
its make up and flow.

On Earth we are given,
the essence of seeing,
our connection to trees,
its air and well being.

For lungs are the branches,
our hand prints the leaves,
tree rings on fingers,
are lifetimes we weave.

No two are alike,
not human nor tree,
yet under the sky,
is the quest to be free.

As we look to the sky,
where learning’s begun.
compare to the atom,
the planets and sun.

Micro and Macro
uncover the distance
atomic patterns,
repeat in existence.

With billions of stars,
the galaxy’s full,
trillions of planets,
in gravity's pull.

Cosmic magnetics,
in clusters that form,
the roads that connect us,
to weather the storm.

Synaptic connection,
galactic mind,
with light and darkness,
now both intertwined.

as seen through the iris,
nebula and soul,
pupils dilated,
becomes a black hole.

Black holes within us,
to take it all in,
learning in measure,
the truth and the sin.

For all is before us,
including the storm,
as galaxies swirl,
in hurricane form.

In humans and nature,
above and below,
all are evolving,
as one cosmic soul.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

For Those Who See

For those Who See

For those who see beyond the noise,
the broken Gaza girls and boys,
the twisted reigns and prison beds,
Israeli jails where truth is dead.

For those that hear the western lies,
the poor me bullshit in disguise,
the laughing monster heads of state,
the children’s screams that they create.

For those who feel the children’s fear,
and point out lies from western smear,
that show the world what they have done,
like arming terror with their guns.

For those that speak out to these crimes,
and hold accountable in these times,
the vicious dogs, nefarious swine,
the global leaders that crossed the line.

I salute you as a friend of mine.
The Activist Poet

Sunday, November 10, 2019



Twilight time for dreams of mind,
begin with a deepening blue,
in fields born, an emptiness torn,
now covered in conscious hue.

Dusk settles in with solitary grin,
wide eyes reflect its making,
the sun has set, a unity well met,
its guise now broken and shaking.

The king of night brings its light,
of pale ancestral visions,
in expanding sky where atoms fly,
on crowns of mortal decisions.

Evening moon in new cocoon,
gives way to stars beyond,
A grand parade of light arrayed,
where consciousness has spawned.

Heavens flair, we all do share,
reflections of every star,
vibrations tune, none immune,
to galactic reservoir.

Each tiny shell, a solar cell,
each essence finds its will,
beneath the skies that hold our ties,
and promise to fulfill.

To mornings dawn all eyes are drawn,
such blinding rays of vision,
as rising sun that makes us one,
ends our fractal division.

The night recedes with planted seeds,
that grows our daily heather,
in unity and community,
in thought with immaculate tether.

About this Poem: By day our connection to consciousness and oneness with it, is of the earth and sun...however, when night falls, the vastness of the universe presents itself and reminds us that we are part of something even larger...a universal consciousness which is far greater than one planet and star alone…it’s a very different connection that stays in our mind and grows over time.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues

In days of Future passed,
It’s Tuesday Afternoon,
and by the Evening,
it will be time to get away,
as nights in white satin, have their say.

Let us prepare,
for the departure,
in search of the lost chord,
come ride my see saw,
to the house of four doors,

Where the legend of a mind,
and voices in the sky,
sing of the best ways to travel,
with visions of paradise,
we are the actor, spoken word and OM.

For in the realm of conscious existence,
on the threshold of a dream,
Our realities come to together…
and Oh, its so lovely to see you again,
my friend.

Walk along with me, 
to the next bend,
for never comes the day,
where we are lost,
in the beginning.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Have you heard the dream?
The voyage?
Will you put it in my diary?
and, how is it we are here?”

So many Questions,
as the tide rushes in
and washes our castles away,
don’t you feel small?
like the tortoise and the hare?

It’s up to you, and me,
when all the stars are falling down,
into the sea, 
and on the ground,
will I be the melancholy man.

For dawning is the day,
as the procession moves on,
with a question of balance,
and the story in your eyes.

We are living an illusion,
lost in a lost world,
but there are new horizons,
where you and me are living
in a land of make believe.

So be that, 
I may feel,
I’m a singer in a Rock n Roll Band,
Trying to understand,
while stepping in a slide zone.

I hear the long distance voyager,
as the voice appears in my head,
while I’m talking out of turn,
in this Gemini dream,
in my world…

Its been 22,000 days,
and I’m Nervous, 
with a painted smile,
a reflective smile,
of the veteran cosmic rocker.

But in this Blue world,
meet me half way,
because I’m sitting at the wheel,
going nowhere.
without you.

There’s a hole in the world,
It’s under my feet,
where running water says,
I am Sorry.
I am sorry...

I want to be in your wildest dreams,
I want to Rock n Roll over you,
without slings and arrows,
on the other side of life.

I know you’re out there somewhere,
and I want to be with you,
for in the river of endless love,
there are no more lies,
so lean on me.

Let us open the vintage wine,
I’m at the breaking point,
looking for a miracle,
in these strange times,
with an English sunset.

I know that sooner or later,
wherever you are,
you’ll let your feelings show,
because all that is real, 
is you.

For words that you say,
my little lovely,
are forever now, 
with the swallow,
nothing changes.

And yet, it is winter,
time for December snow,
where in the quiet of Christmas morning,
a winters tale unfolds,

The spirit of Christmas,
Is upon us,
and yes,
I believe in miracles…

About this Poem: One of my favourite bands is the Moody Blues; so I've included the titles to many of the Moody Blues songs and albums to make a poem of their music. Below you will find a playlist of their music. :) 

The Moody Blues

Monday, October 14, 2019



Reds, blues, browns and greens,
smiling at you on cell phone screens,
the banker’s election is drawing near,
that’s why their candidates want your ear.

They promise things with endless chatter,
to divert your eyes from things that matter,
like homelessness, poverty and why its growing,
they ignore the reasons, keep you from knowing.

Like the wars they support, the corporate capers,
in collusion with banks who control the papers.
all packaged in budgets that they pass,
with contracts going to the upper class.

Yet on the street starvation is critical,
caused by greed of the political,
our life blood flows down the drain,
hidden from camera’s that have no shame.

The day is here, you can change direction,
a new beginning with this election,
but under masks they’re all two faced,
employed by criminals they’ve embraced.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Lost Generations

Lost Generations

Marching backwards towards the cliff,
with cell phones on a selfie riff,
consumer habits drunk on scores,
blind as bricks to coming wars.

They get their kicks from stupid things,
ignore the crimes of tyrant kings,
their self indulgence feeds the worm,
that grows inside them like a germ.

Consume, consume, the world is bleeding,
lifelines broken, now receding,
the bonds with nature all but gone,
from reality, you’ve withdrawn.

…And if reality settles in,
you turn to rum, wine and gin,
medieval habits to tie the noose,
on sterile minds now obtuse.

Orwell’s chapter of the human race.
with program screens, not far from face,
believe, believe that you are free,
but prison'd minds will never see.

About this Poem: For some, technology has become a self-imposed prison where reality has all but disappeared. Spiritual connection with nature has been completely severed and all their attention goes into their self indulgence and cell phones. They lose all sight of what matters in life, and instead, wall themselves off into a false reality.



Chinese stars explode by night,
with no composure in the fright,
old nightmares freeze inside my mind,
of coming days for all mankind.

Twilight shadows stain the breach,
on youthful shores where evils reach,
senses tingle with needles n' pins,
where air is heavy from our sins.

Above my head the skies are full,
with bomber jets n’ U.S. bull,
their training bases on my land,
to launch the foreign wars they planned.

Canadian people all in hiding,
on edge of darkness they are riding,
streets turn empty, town and village,
before the hammer and the pillage.

Out of sight, I stay inside,
within my house I try to hide,
and peer above at U.S. planes,
that hover over my domain.

All at once the squadrons leave,
racing north to plots they weave,
as air grows quiet, sun does set,
worry remains from what begets.

“All is well”, our friends beam through,
from target Russia where jets just flew,
an open window in evening skies,
this rerun sixties dream of mine.

Uneasy feelings within this dream,
move today in political theme,
All surreal decades later,
with U.S. bully and dictator.

About this Poem: This poem is based on a dream I had in the late 60’s early 70’s. At the time, Canada was a sovereign nation, the USA and Soviet Union were in a cold war, China was not on the Radar and there was no internet or advanced communication.

Today, the World is bullied by the USA…Russia has emerged as the good guy, China is an economic competitor, Canada has become an economic vassal to American dictates and the Internet has connected people all over the world…The dream infers that WWIII will be launched by the U.S. on Russia and China from future U.S. military bases set up in Canada...and, no doubt, launched from other current U.S. military bases set up in occupied nations around the World.

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