Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Activist Poet - (Volume 1)

Montreal poet, analyst and writer Stewart F. Brennan; combines his memoirs, poetry, and political commentary in this masterpiece weaving together the experiences, impressions and observations made during the economic decline of North America between 1970 and 2021. - Book on sale at Amazon

About the Author:

Born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1960, Stewart Brennan is a Canadian poet, writer, blogger, geo-political and economic analyst, lean manufacturing specialist, critical thinker, social and political activist, video producer, photographer, and music promotor.

Stewart has worked in the Aerospace, Aviation, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Industries in managerial positions and is the author of several blogs including World United News, World United Music, Alternative Views and SF Brennan Art, a blog of creative writing, poetry and prose.

He’s had several poems published in the “Red Hibiscus: Anthology” series Volumes 17, 18, 19 & 20 as well as in “Late Night Poets Virtuosos” & “Late Night Poets Anthology Volume 1 & 2”

Stewart has been writing and archiving information on World United News since 2007 and is know for his economic analysis and critical thinking on geo-political and geo-economic events. He’s also been published on Global Research, the center for research on globalization.

Stewart Brennan is also the creator, producer and promotor of World United Music, a project that started in 2010 promoting signed, unsigned and independent musicians and bands.

“I don’t like what the deep state has to offer so I decided to build my own World where creativity, music, and truth prevail. Therefore, I’m a photographer, Writer, Video Producer, News Reporter, Music Promoter, Radio DJ, Poet, Activist, Critical Thinker, and Problem Solver. This is my world…”

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