Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Silent Majority


The Silent Majority

All our dreams have been broken,
by a greedy corporate task,
but we shall all remember,
who it is that wears the mask.

Little whispers of the past,
tell a tale of who you are,
for we have all been watching,
through the damage of our scars.

To some your face is hidden,
for others a business deal,
but for those of us that see you,
will come for what you steal.

Will you get away with it?
keep pushing and you’ll find out,
liberty is drawing near,
and your end, I have no doubt.
The Activist Poet

Friday, April 9, 2021

Imprints to Ascend

Imprints to Ascend

Time is measured while we live and breathe,
clocks begin ticking at our birth,
they start what could be one hundred years,
a lifetime on this planet called earth.

Imprints are given before you’re born,
a program of goals and conditions,
placed and hidden but only revealed,
in déjà vu and intuition.

Your mission here, repair the damage,
and to make the world a better place,
the tools you’ll need will build through your life,
in the cycles you come to embrace.

Those cycles in life repeat ten-fold,
they merge to develop your mission,
building upon all that you have learned,
to complete your tasks of transition.

All we do, experience the key,
reassurance and comprehension,
what happens next depends upon you,
to remain or move to ascension.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Lighting Candles

Lighting Candles

Blue paintbrush spells the atmospheres,
across the purple hemispheres,
where rising tides plan safety lines,
and greedy NATO lay's their mines.

Western Europe feigns on the fence,
as U.S. plans their next offense,
all helped by U.K. coroner,
while blocking Russia’s corridor.

As Europe bleeds for energy,
it shakes the western synergy,
as fuels required for their growth,
gas and oil, they need them both.

So, Russia builds its harmony,
with Nord Stream two to Germany,
while NATO members place their tanks,
and sanction Russia with their banks.

The Polish coup comes into play,
the U.S. gas hub wants its say,
to squeeze all Europe to the bone,
prepare their war throughout the zone.

Broken pipelines run through Ukraine,
where tensions mount, by Europe’s strain,
that came from US sponsored coup,
a vassal state by you know who.

Joe Biden plans to frack their land,
to keep them hostage by demand,
insisting they bow down to him,
another tale by brothers Grimm.

A NATO stockpile in Ukraine,
where tensions mount and cause the strain,
a blitzkrieg buildup, nod by France,
on Donetsk Republic and Lugansk.

The Ukraine Nazi’s rising spell,
will cast the world back into hell,
if eyes are shut and back is turned,
your freedoms all, will have been burned.

When war does come in red and black,
they’ll bomb the pipelines in attack,
to set the stage for global war,
but you should know that, heretofore.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem:

The US is currently behind Kiev Ukraine's push into the east of the country surrounding the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. All of this is in response to the Russian energy supply to Europe via Nord Stream II which is scheduled to be completed this year (5% left to go). Russia is seeing a lot more sanctions because of it and also a lot of air and sea interference by Poland.

Poland has become a very expensive US Hub for Natural Gas; currently shipped to them by a pipeline of ocean tankers from the US which is supposed to supply Europe at 3 times the price of Russian Gas.

If and when Nord Stream II comes online, US controlled Ukraine will lose their hold on the old Russian energy transit corridor across Ukraine into Europe. Biden had also intended to frack the hell out of Ukraine as well, to supply Europe with gas. No doubt Poland is also involved with this plan. Therefore, the closer we get to the completion of Nord Stream II, the closer we are to war.

Fascist Ukraine is building up their forces in the Lugansk & Donetsk region at a ratio of 3 or 4 to 1, in preparation for what can only be seen as a blitzkrieg victory over the eastern states while Russia has vowed to protect these regions.

Eastern Europe is now a tinderbox waiting for a match so I hope everyone in the Donbass region are ready including Russia. I expect an incident will happen by Ukraine in the Donbas soon, and when that happens, there will be an additional attack on the Russia to Germany Nord Stream II gas pipeline...any such attack would be considered an attack on Russia and then we move to very unstable times.

Important Links:

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[04] DEFENDER-Europe 21 activities begin this month, include two dozen nations – 2021 March 15
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[06] We aren’t refusing new talks with NATO, Russian FM Lavrov insists, ‘but we don’t just want to sit there and hear about Ukraine’ – 2021 April 01
[07] Moscow warns of ‘measures’ against any Western troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees of US support in a conflict – 2021 April 02
[08] Kremlin says situation in Donbass ‘frightening’ as Ukraine calls on NATO & Washington for support in event of conflict with Russia - 2021 April 02
[09] As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine, the Globe Braces for the Possibility that World War 3 Could Soon Erupt – 2021 April 03
[10] Ukraine to hold joint military drills with NATO amid escalating tensions with Russia – 2021 April 04
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[15] Why is the Biden Administration Pushing Ukraine to Attack Russia – 2021 April 05

Russian Gas Exports & Nord Stream II

[A] Bombshell report reveals how Ukrainian lobbyists pitted US against EU over new Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline – 2020 Nov 30
[B] The Atlantic Council - Ted Cruz - How to stop Nord Stream 2 – 2020 Dec 16
[C] Defending European security: Putin and Merkel join forces to resist cynical US sanctions on controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline – 2020 Dec 18
[D] Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline WILL go ahead with EU support, regardless of American lobbying and sanctions, says Russian Deputy PM – 2021 Jan 04
[E] German foreign minister warns scrapping Nord Stream 2 pipeline would cut Russia loose from obligations to Western Europe – 2021 Feb 11
[F] As Paris asks Berlin to suspend Nord Stream 2, Gazprom reveals France has increased its own purchases of Russian gas by almost 50% - 2021 Feb 16
[G] Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in ‘planned & prepared provocations’ to obstruct work, says operator – 2021 April 01
[H] Russian gas exports to Europe surge 30% in 2021 – 2021 Apr 04

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Illusion

The Illusion

Grey shadows present themselves,
in orange, yellow and white,
atop of youth’s perceptions,
in the dreams that come at night.

Their forms are rich and lavish,
waiting, and yours to achieve,
enticed by hidden essence,
in illusions that they weave.

and when you wake up startled,
by disasters that they feed,
you’ll come to know their sunset,
and their program filled with greed.
The Activist Poet

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

American Empire


American Empire

Eisenhower warned us once,
of the evil here at play,
of how they’d seize the nation,
of the good ole U.S.A.

None of you took heed of him,
of what he had to say,
now your nation’s bankrupt,
with poverty on display.

From Europe to Korea,
to Mosaddegh’s Iran,
from there you went to Cuba,
Africa, Viet Nam.

The C.I.A. killed Kennedy,
and with him your nation state,
Lyndon Johnson took the reigns,
and pushed the memes mandate.

Let’s not forget all his wars,
below your southern border,
sponsored coups, regimes all changed,
for their new world order.

Assassinations played a part,
to pave this new direction,
Nixon cancelled Breton Woods,
to seal the insurrection.

A war mongers printing press,
replaced the gold with dollars,
inflation, oil, all the noise,
still argued by the scholars.

Ronald ray guns stoked the fire,
declared a new arms race,
spending into overdrive,
with scourging wall street face.

N.E.D. was made and funded then,
let loose on oil nations,
recession came to our homes,
collapse acceleration.

Nineteen-ninety-one, the mark,
when the Iron curtain fell,
U.S. empire grew in size,
Bush bombed them all to hell.

It all started in Iraq,
Yugoslavia and more,
this US domination,
by a hell bound bank of war.

Clinton added sanctions too,
how many millions died,
Albright says, it was worth it,
and they boast of this with pride.

U.S. citizens had had enough,
they elected junior Bush,
the meme did nine eleven,
stoking panic with a push.

Behind the scenes trillions gone,
Rumsfeld can’t figure it out,
but print they did, at the fed,
for payoffs, butchers and clout.

P-NAC then, well on its way,
the wars of terror started,
tens of millions now are dead,
in days and ways uncharted.

Crashing bank derivatives,
their debts popped all balloons,
bailed out by elected reps,
a congress of meme baboons.

“I will end the war in Iraq”,
“You can take that to the Bank”,
wars increased then seven-fold,
Obama the one to thank.

While U.S. wars cover earth,
gun sales at home increase,
profits up for weapons corps,
no time to broker peace.

Debts increase by doubling,
your bases around the world,
eight hundred plus and counting,
in lockstep and unfurled.

The streets are broke, bankers rich,
homeless people everywhere,
news is silent on the debt,
do you think they really care?

Spending now in cruise control,
elections a rubber stamp,
Trump is gone, while war remains,
for Biden and the Tramp.

All the while you’ve lost your rights,
your locked down, masked and poor,
and the psychopaths get away,
while liberties are no more.
The Activist Poet

Additional Info:

[01] Mohammad Mosaddegh the leader of Iran was overthrown by the CIA in 1953

[02] N.E.D. stands for,The National Endowment for Democracy

[03] P-NAC stands forProject for a New American Century

Emerald Spring


Emerald Spring

Such welcomed air sings of spring,
the geese returned, are calling,
air is lush with hurried sounds,
but spirits then start falling.

Our forest Ash has succumbed,
to a foreign emerald bug,
trees culled down by the city,
with an un-concerning shrug.

The shock is devastating,
our forest is now gone,
victim of container ships,
from China and Hong Kong.

I hear the grieving creatures,
the closer in I go,
the squirrels and birds and rabbits,
who grieve in melting snow.

When and where will it all end,
these uncaring kinds of things,
trade by business parasites,
the destruction that it brings.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: In August 2020, I wrote about the Unregulated trade with China and the devastation it has wrecked on the North American environment. The Emerald Ash Borer being one of those Asian infestations and forest destroyers. In the spring of 2021, our city began cutting all the infected Ash Trees down and I have to say it is really devastating and depressing to see, especially when seeing the displaced animals and birds that made the trees their homes. The destruction of our Ash trees and forests is a direct result of allowing trade with countries like China that have no concern for the environment. The huge amount of trade being conducted with China needs to end.

I truly love nature and abhor what consumer growth economics has done to our environment. We need to do more to save our forests, trees and wildlife...we need to stop being consumers of trinkets and things while also ending our pre-occupation with disposable things.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

When the Meme Falls


When the Meme Falls

When illusion has dissolved,
the pains of life released,
the meme will have a fall,
and I will be deceased.

My mission will be done,
my pledge will be fulfilled,
the torus will reverse,
mankind will then rebuild.

And me I’ll travel home,
merge back into the light,
while leaving notes behind,
from everything I write.


The Ire of Mind and Nation


The Ire of Mind and Nation

Will I be silent like William Yeats,
at crucial moment in nations fate,
to lose all thought without contention,
fear the bars of powers convention.

For things I’ve gathered through learned years,
should break our bondage, remove the fears,
our courage could rise as Yeats did build,
but in his silence, so many were killed.

Oh, I cannot fail my people so,
I must stand with ire and make it grow,
for Stand we must with core of being,
at top of hill with eyes all seeing.

The tide will turn with analytics,
hearth break free and silence the critics,
stand our ground with determination,
defeat all foe and save the nation.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: William Butler Yeats (13 June 1865 – 28 January 1939) was an Irish poet, dramatist, prose writer and considered one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature…that maybe so, however I believe he was more pretentious, selfish and elitist.

In the earlier part of his life, Yeats was a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, but due to the escalating tension of the political scene, Yeats distanced himself from the core political activism in the midst of the Easter Rising in 1916, even holding back his poetry inspired by those events until 1920. In my mind, had he been a real nationalist revolutionary, he would have stood with fire in his words at precisely the time his words were needed…I find he was pretentious and uncaring about the people of Ireland and more concerned with his economic standing. He was a coward, remained silent and only shared his views when it was economically viable for his bourgeois lifestyle.

In the 1930s Yeats was fascinated with the authoritarian, anti-democratic, fascist nationalist movements of Europe, and he composed several marching songs for the Blueshirts, although they were never used. He was a fierce opponent of individualism and political liberalism and saw the fascist movements as a triumph of public order and the needs of the national collective over petty individualism.

He was an elitist who abhorred the idea of mob-rule, and saw democracy as a threat to good governance and public order. After the Blueshirt movement began to falter in Ireland, he distanced himself somewhat from his previous views, but maintained a preference for authoritarian and nationalist leadership. He was in essence a traitor to the Irish people.

There’s nothing wrong with Nationalism, however a fake nationalism that hides behind cowardice scores zero points with me. Especially where Ireland never really gained its full and true independence. Monetary and economic subservience and the loss of the north are proof of a failed independence.

As a poet, I could never turn my back and be silent in my nations most critical hour as Yeats was.

FIGHT for your Rights and Freedoms!


Canadian Doctors Speaking Out

Dr. Scott Jensen, WHO Confirm: ‘We’ve All Been Played’ on COVID-19

Facts about COVID-19


Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence…

Doctors Sharing the Truth that your masks don’t work




Vaccination – Basic Concerns

External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purposeSo what do the MSM do? They ignore it

A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should

…and there are many more doctors, and medical researchers that have come out against this BS pandemic.

Fear not the simple lies of men but be warry of the illusive plots derived by their greed. ~ S. F. Brennan

Prison Cell

Prison Cell

Countless days locked up in here,
COVID curfew drives the fear,
staring through this window jail,
reading building lights in brail.

Bored to tears, nothing to do,
all my friends are locked in too,
anxious night and all alone,
someone please just text or phone.

Can’t go out, everything’s closed,
stupid rules, I’m so opposed,
school’s online, can’t see my friends,
boredom seems to never end.

About this poem: This poem was written to a photo prompt in a poetry contest that asked us to pen to the picture…With all the draconian lockdown, closures, curfews and mask laws being used, the government and media are destroying everyone’s lives but especially our children’s lives. I have a teenage daughter who is supposed to graduate high school this year but there will be no graduation, no parties, no celebrations whatsoever because they have been cancelled and outlawed. Half my child’s schooling is done online, the other half is conducted at school in bubbles where they are not allowed to mingle with other kids! They have to wear 2 government provided disposable masks all day long; which the manufacturer and government shareholders recently recalled due to an overuse of chemicals in the masks! Even with the lower concentration of chemicals in the masks, they will cause respiratory and rash problems.

Our children’s sports and activities have been taken away; they’re not allowed to do anything together including visiting each other’s homes or experience life. I see depression and anxiety becoming a huge factor in our children daily! I’m seeing it happen all around me! Colleges and Universities empty and all being conducted online…that’s not an education! They need to mingle with their peers and live their lives!

Our children’s lives are being ruined not just by the government and their corporate sponsors but by media who propagate the BS and by an apathetic and fearful population that would rather believe what they are told than to use common sense and investigate for themselves. The fear of covid-19 is really stupid and unnecessary because the corona virus is simply a FLU that is no stronger than the annual influenza that circles the world annually. The only pandemic we have in the world today is how many people are stupid enough to believe their governments and mainstream media…so many people are being led down a path of utter insanity that it’s frightening to ponder what it all leads to!

Backup Links:

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Canadian Doctors Speaking Out

Dr. Scott Jensen, WHO Confirm: ‘We’ve All Been Played’ on COVID-19

Facts about COVID-19


Are Face Masks Effective? The Evidence…

Doctors Sharing the Truth that your masks don’t work




Vaccination – Basic Concerns

External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purposeSo what do the MSM do? They ignore it

A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should

…and there are many more doctors, and medical researchers that have come out against this BS pandemic.

Fear not the simple lies of men but be warry of the illusive plots derived by their greed. ~ S. F. Brennan

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Little Things

Little Things

Deep inside my closet,
where memories do hide,
I found a box of things,
forgotten and untied.

I pulled the old box down,
and took a look inside,
filled up with little things,
that dad had put aside.

Sorting through the items,
the contents magnified,
through black and white photos,
the days they amplified.

Harder times, World War II,
the smiles that replied,
friends that he grew up with,
and family that since died.

Telegrams of mourning,
letters from days gone by,
written in their weathers,
with answers they provide.

Dog tags worn, ration tins,
postcards, bible and guide,
journal kept, of his time,
kept always by his side.

Mess hall times, birthing cards,
and stories clarified,
overseas while on ship,
where singing unified.

Pay book of a soldier,
rank identified,
November forty-four,
Lance corporal classified.

Proud Cameron soldier found,
with N.C.O. applied,
paid a dollar sixty,
each day, they had implied.

Soldiers pay sent back home,
where family did reside,
lost their mum and father,
their deaths unspecified.

Eyes caught a little book,
within he did confide,
names of friends and brothers,
those living and who died.

A check mark or an X,
address where they reside,
pledged to see their parents,
the X identified.

When asked about the war,
the answer he replied,
“a chance to see the world,
and duty nationwide.”

Although he may be gone,
some things demystified,
I see his soul in a light,
look back at him with pride.
SF Brennan

Background: In World War II, my father was an N.C.O. (Non-Commissioned Officer) in the Cameron Highlanders. After 90% of the Cameron’s were wiped out by German machine guns at ST. ANDRE-sur-ORNE July 21st, 1945 due to the hubris and recklessness of a silver spooned commander. My father who survived, was re-commissioned into the Black Watch; his choice.

My father never talked about the war and would evade any question we had asked him when he was alive. However, years later, after he passed away, my mother gave me a box of his things which included what was left of his possessions from the great depression and world war II era. Sifting through the things he treasured, I found out a lot more about a man who did so much for so many and never once took credit or boasted.

My father sent all his soldiers pay home to help take care of his mother, father and siblings. Of nine children, 5 boys served in the Canadian Army, Navy and Airforce. Three girls and youngest boy (2yrs old) stayed behind.

Just before my father was to depart for the European war theater, he received a telegram from his father on March 17th, 1945 (St. Patrick’s Day) telling him to come home, that his mother had died. (51 years old) His mother’s funeral would be the last time he saw his father, for on July 10th, 1945, his father passed away at the age of 58 years.

During the war, he was paid $1.60 a day, and continued to send all of that pay home to support what remained of his family.

He could not go home for his father’s funeral nor go on leave because he was already deployed in the liberation of France, Belgium and Holland.

When the war ended, my father went to see the parents of his friends and comrades who died during the war, to help them bring closure to their deaths…a very noble gesture and respect that was part of his character.

Monday, March 22, 2021



Regardless of the administration,
the war mongers push their legislation,
all compiled with disinformation,
pushed by anchors for indoctrination.

Why are you in the Syrian nation?
your presence there an abomination,
we see through all your twisted summations,
the trade you halt for their strangulation.

The terrorists armed by those you stationed,
the ones employed by privatization,
engaged in war and extermination,
for Syrian oil your concentration.

The illegal wars, your determination,
the bullets and bombs, your occupation,
the crops you burned to cause starvation,
the million’s dead by your operation.

We see your crimes, criminal fixation,
the war of terror, your cultivation,
but you’ve made a huge miscalculation,
for karma will bring your own damnation.
The Activist Poet

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Old Age Prison


Old Age Prison

Oh, my goodness, I’m so glad you called,
can’t take much more here, I’m so appalled,
they’ve locked us all up inside this place,
I need to see a familiar face.

Computer won't work for these old bones,
can’t work these fandangled celliphones,
they won’t let us out to take the air,
they’re more like prisons than old age care.

Several friends just died the other day,
ambulance came and took them away,
there’s a deadly virus they proclaim,
but I think those vaccines are to blame.

The mass of death that’s reported here,
where those forced vaccines are twice a year,
seems death comes after getting those shots,
they come here now, dressed as astronauts.

Same thing happened in previous years,
without the astronaut or their fears,
and no pandemic did they proclaim,
a normal cycle that still remains.

Did you ever stop and wonder why,
or do you believe their Tammy lies?
I think their cover up’s so obscene,
and they forced me to take their vaccine.

Don’t want to read the papers no more,
those shits have a lot to answer for,
the TV news is so full of crap,
with death reports on a panic map.

Nurse Willard’s here, who can come and go,
we’re caged like rats in this horror show,
I don’t care about some stupid flu,
I just want family, and be with you!

So, why don’t you break me out of here?
we could go somewhere and disappear,
I could live with you, don’t take much space,
and everyday I could see your face.

Like when you were young and growing up,
we had fun times when you were a pup,
we could save on their expensive rent,
stop paying these corporate malcontents.

I don’t want isolation anymore,
this punishment, locked behind a door,
I won’t burden you, what do you say,
I really do need to get away.

Let me see my family one last time,
and not by this window pantomime,
I need human contact like before,
to hold my hand as I cross deaths door.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: My mother had Alzheimers in later life and hated living in an old age care facility. It was a very lonely place for her. She loved it when I visited and took her for a drive, anything to get away from the assisted living place where she stayed.

I went there three or four days a week between July 2015 until her death in January 2016. During that time, I got to meet a number of the residents there and from the summer to the fall we’d converse pleasantries and small talk. Their eyes lit up when a familiar visitor walked in, and you could just feel the atmosphere change for the better. They were so hungry for someone to talk to, but as autumn progressed and the annual flu shots were administered, a number of them passed away shortly afterwards. In fact, my own mother had a persistent cold and runny nose after receiving the mandatory flu shot from the care home. She died suddenly at the age of 90, on January 22nd, 2016 and left me with my sorrows to write about and so this poem is for her, my mother "Olive Brennan"

When the so-called pandemic swept through 2020, ninety to ninety five percent of all claimed deaths from COVID-19 came from elderly care homes. The annual Influenza which is categorized as “Influenza A” or “Influenza B” circles the world every year and claims lives in relatively the same numbers every year including 2020 when COVID-19 made its name.

This poem is dedicated to all the elderly who have been held hostage since March 2020 who are not allowed to be with their families. Old age was not meant to be spent in isolation alone, and it is inhumane to allow such a horrific tragedy to continue.

Incidentally, the word “Tammy” refers to Theresa Tam the Hong Kong native that holds the position as the 3rd chief public health officer in the Canadian government. She’s sick in her mind and sick in her soul for pushing the never-ending insane lockdown and mask policies in Canada. It’s time to bring those accountable who spread the covid lies and fearmongering to court and charge them with mass murder. Theresa Tam should be first on that list.

Also: Nurse Willard is a character reference to the 1971 horror movie “Willard”


[01] PCR Tests Unreliable - External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.
[03] Facts About COVID-19
[05] Vaccines Basic Concerns
[06] Physical distancing, mask-wearing could be in place for 2-3 years even with vaccine, Tam warns.
[07] Masks are not Effective?The Evidence they are not
[08] The COVID 2nd Wave Will Tear Our Communities Apart
[09] Draconian COVID Laws Strangling Quebec Healthcare
[10] The Reset of Canadian Society and the World
[11] The Corporate Takeover of Healthcare

Doctors Giving Professional Opinions on Current Medical Events

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