Sunday, May 15, 2022

Neptune on the Horizon


Neptune on the Horizon

Blue ice thaws and radiates,
with canyons deep and splintered,
Triton moon pontificates,
and wakes where it has wintered.

Ground parched by icy layers,
famished geysers, once deceased,
cryovolcanic players,
nitrogen, methane released.

Blue Neptune planet looming,
with its fading turquoise rings,
while satellites are on course,
to map Triton in its spring.

Orbits in the opposite,
the mystery is not clear,
yet Neptune’s presence beckons,
with its seasons, forty years.

Its big blue spot elliptic,
the Voyageur photos show,
travels around the planet,
like hurricanes held in tow.

Force of Neptune’s gravity,
to earth space rocks are hurled,
sun’s Kuiper belt commander,
shapes the history of our world.

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