Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year's Message for the World

A New Year's Message for the World

Life is but a fleeting moment, a short period of time where everyone is engaged in a lifelong journey to seek the answers and reasons for why they are here. At the same time, it is important to build the foundations for a better world, to secure a future for our communities, which can only be achieved through unity.

We have yet to find agreement on the procedures on how to get there collectively even though the map is in everyone’s hands…

We learn from our mistakes and from each other, but today we are focused in trying to destroy each others illusion’s instead of building a bridge for our common bond in compassion, morality and vision of building a better world.

Patience…patience with the heart of empathy for all life, is the ultimate lesson we must learn if we are to lay the foundations of our future.

…and so, another year begins with an open mind in anticipation that the world will come together as one; to rebuild our communities with moral common sense and vision for the future as we eradicate the illnesses of greed and power that plague our minds.

One day we will return to the empathy that connects our essence to each other and the stars in the night sky…and on that day, everyone will understand and smile.

Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Weeping Windows

Weeping Windows

Existence saunters in the frost,
and grows on the edge of glass,
it mists upon a window pane,
and builds its perfect mass.

As winter’s breath fills the air,
microlithic worlds are born.
Grasping hold in sudden flair,
with diamonds that adorn.

Perfection manifests through the gods,
planned by weathered light,
it crests and glitters in uniform,
and peaks at darkest night.

Waiting for the sun to rise,
and evolve another day,
foundations begin to crystalize,
to crown their fine array.

Divine existence comes to shine,
casting brilliance across the pane,
Where weeping sculptures then recline,
to diminish from where they came.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Two Minutes to Midnight

Two Minutes to Midnight

Of ashes grey, from World War two,
a demon was born, that steadily grew.
The rise of empire, with all its rules,
deceived the public and wisest of fools.

From endless money, stocks were grown,
then Gobbled up, by the few who own.
The monster grew, to sprout its wings,
a military might, that claimed all things.

Their apocalypse rode over nations,
With flag unfurled in occupation.
Until the planet was covered in screams,
save the nations who resisted the memes.

While back at home, the censors dream,
they silence resistance to their scheme.
Trusted news, ops out for gold,
switching sides, they’re now controlled.

Industrial captains, lay waste our home,
prepare the ground, for American Rome.
Senators and monuments reflect its disease,
a nation to loot, a nation to seize.

Bankers in haste with quickening guild,
seizing all assets for an empire to build.
And when it’s done and the cupboard is bare,
they start a new war to pad their new lair.

Gobbling resources in victim nations,
they seize control and cause inflation.
Consolidating power through Industrial smoke,
they blame the inhabitants, whom they choke.

They rape the land, poison the seas,
mine the forests, cut down the trees.
When all the assets then disappear,
they resort to climate, to keep them in fear.

Yet while they impoverish every nation,
by sanctions, austerity and inflation,
they war on the Arabs and the Slavs,
creating chaos with the weapons they have.

Global rents now strapped to rockets,
bombs surround their dreams,
arrogance disguised as liberty's freedom,
bathed in clouds of nuclear steam.

The other side reciprocates,
defending what is theirs,
while still inside their country,
the Russians do prepare.

Americans trash the treaties,
agreements they do tear,
and set the doomsday clocks ahead,
without a bloody care.

Yet while the storms unfold on Earth,
all blamed upon our cars,
Astronomy reports that climate changed,
on Neptune, Jupiter and Mars…

If all the money had disappeared,
mans greed would have ended,
But instead of sanity taking hold,
intelligence has been suspended.

Monday, June 18, 2018



Little feet leave impressions,
they dance around one’s heart.
weaving smiles of laughter,
memories that never part.

And oh, those little faces,
Eyes that grin with glee,
Perfect little angels,
God’s gift to you and me.

And when these little cherubs,
Gather in one place,
Their giddy sounds of merriment,
a universal grace.

Our world is twice blessed,
Embraced by children’s song
Filling hearts with kindness,
How can things go wrong?

Then in an instant,
I.D.F. snipers fire,
Our little angels fallen,
by evil little squires.

The world is gravely wounded,
nations look the other way,
Our hope and future stolen,
Our children become the prey…

About this Poem: Occupational Zionist forces are imprisoning, torturing and murdering Palestinian children while all the Western governments turn their heads and do nothing about it. What is that but pure evil…

Saturday, March 24, 2018



Curled up in a little ball, by the wounds of scorn,
vitriolic barbs embed where the skin is torn,

The constant pokes and prodding, laughing in one’s face,
the world is run by monsters, such a barren place.

I wake to broken buildings, pangs of hope remain,
the dust n smoke and fires, brought by the insane.

Food is scarce, safety worse, water is fouled by hate,
occupation of my home by another state.

Swarms of Bullets whiz my ears, ravens bomb my land,
indifference answers pleas for help with a stinging hand.

Defiance is my weapon, vengeance is my pain,
a childhood gone, long ago, taken by the reign.

Yet in the saline distance on the road of tears,
shouts ring out from the heart to chase away my fears.

For in the storm that’s coming, is our strong and brave,
hero’s all I embrace, they come for us to save.

Terror’s back now broken, our fighters power through,
restoring our foundation, by their iron blue.

Jubilation sings its soul, welling tears bring joy,
dancing in the streets again, for this orphaned boy.

Authors Notes: This poem is based on the belligerent occupations and injustice's being experience by the people of Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, Iraq and all other nations who are under attack by US Imperialism, European colonialism and their belligerent bloodthirsty attack dogs Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. 

Western Mainstream media also lies to its audience about what is really happening in foreign affairs. They have become the Orwellian ministry of propaganda for western Imperialism and by doing so, destroy the fabric Truth, Justice, Freedom, Peace and democracy. 

The following two lines were a part of this poem but edited out. They remain here in the authors notes as a statement of truth.

"Lies are swallowed in the west, foes control their minds,

Compassion lost, morals gone, moving forward blind."

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Painting from the Soul

Painting from the Soul

Creation brings reflection,
in the paintings of the soul,
quiet moments, visions,
they combine to make one whole.

New canvas of confession,
a blanket of fallen snow,
inspirations from the past,
emotions begin to flow.

Reds of broken essence ride,
greyish outlines dark with scorn,
shards of language so imbued,
by the pains of being born.

Orange sways indifference,
compassions absolve the breech,
flowers pining forgiveness,
by moments tinged in peach.

Pastel waters, calming themes,
emotions absorbed in light,
tans and browns foundations built,
where a bridge appears from white.

Brushstrokes blue with empathy,
soft tones hail the rising sun,
forgiveness dreams on canvas,
from the days when there was none.

If only I could paint and provide a proper photo. ;) 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Capital Fraud

Capital Fraud

A Family business, moral by oath,
builds community with positive growth.

An Important link in the chain of needs,
providing goods in the hamlet it feeds.

Yet in the world of capitalist yoke,
the greedy play games, under a cloak.

The competition, desires your shop,
begins a war, sets the prices to drop.

With pockets so deep, thanks to the bank,
rivals squeeze you, until you tank.

With no place to go, except you know where,
the banker advises, stock market share.

Wall street vortex and banking memes,
devouring companies by fraudulent means,

A gamblers pit with rules of the streets,
their markets rigged by financial cheats.

The company lost through a sale of stock,
all bought up by the penny hawk.

And now your business is owned by the bank,
the hawk who sold you and the one to thank.

Acquired now by your competition,
who backed the bank by his own admission.

Market share gained, who’s next on the block,
the Corporate meme begins to stalk.

Barbaric world of robbers and thieves,
they prey on the innocent who believe.

When nothing’s left and the market is bought,
they turn their eyes in and feast on the lot.


About this Poem: Capitalism begins with good intentions but always ends up in self destruction through greed.

Greed is driven by a criminal private banking system that is ultimately owned by a few wealthy banking families. These Banks feed off of community like parasites which is why we are all subject to paying higher rents, mortgages and taxes.

These banking families also control and run the stock markets, which are their own private gambling halls. All of it has been legalized by corrupt government officials and for a very long time. Today, people think of Private Banks and the Stock Markets as normal because they were born into the system not knowing that they are actually economic slaves to them.

The entire “Private Banking System” and stock market is completely fraudulent and needs to be addressed if we are to save society from extreme poverty. The solution rests in changing the way government and banking works.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

America the Beautiful (2018 Version)

America the Beautiful (2018 Version) 

O beautiful the chemtrail skies,
Monsanto waves of grain,
the coal filled mountain companies,
above the oil spill plain!
America, America!
Your god is on its knees,
elections rigged by criminals,
who drive the corporate schemes.

No immigrants allowed to come,
your stern impassions stress,
who come from lands that you destroyed
these people in distress.
America! America!
Your God is on its knees,
confirms thy soul, no self control,
and no morality.

...And overseas your army proved,
that they create the strife,
egocentric monsters loose,
no mercy for any life,
America! America!
Your evil is refined,
untouchable by your decree,
for all your warring crimes.

The laws you make, are filled with hate,
your moral compass dead,
your cities filled with human tears,
where poverty is spread!
America! America!
Your god wont take a knee,
Obama, Clinton, Bush and Trump
your symptom of disease.
By: The Activist Poet

About this expression: Truth is our greatest weapon, especially when one waves this flag in the face of power...

I’m not an American so I cannot be patriotic to America but I can be patriotic to the truth and so for Black History Month, I decided to create this truthful spin on an American patriotic song...I'm angry with what the US Government is doing all over the World but I’m also angry on what it is doing in its own country...What do you think?
The Lyrics and story behind the original song can be found at the following link:

Sunday, February 18, 2018



Consciousness stirs within and all around us…it seeks our understanding and whispers truth to the hearts of pioneers who birth the evolution and steps of assent towards an age of new enlightenment…behold the defining moments of the world, each one a whisper of light by those who dared to listen…

God speed John Anthony West (July 09, 1932 – Feb. 06, 2018)

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Wheel

The Wheel

That sickly sound is in the air, that grinding crushing noise,
the meme of ruthless business and the people it destroys.

The thieving wheel extends its reach, consolidating power,
controls another industry, adding to its tower.

There was a time of honesty with many fortunes made,
but in the halls behind the bank, were greedy thieves of trade.

They tolled the roads, controlled the wealth, and sat upon the gold,
then pulled the plug on everyone, made sure the stocks were sold.

Into their hands all did pass, to an oligopoly,
then to war, they brought us all, through weapons monopoly.

Every sector on the wheel, fell to criminal hands,
swaths of growth to deepest pockets by economic plan.

The wheel now rolls other shores, new partners with the banks,
they leave us all disgraced and poor while others build their tanks.

There’s nothing left but tyranny, free speech is set to fall,
new bills that kill our freedom, the wealthy control it all.

From distance comes that sickly sound of wheels come ashore,
to prove the econ-opoly forgot what came before.

These corporate thieves enslaved our land, game is set and done,
the only way to free ourselves is to change the way things run.

About this Poem: Should be self evident, right? 😉

Friday, December 29, 2017

Minds of the Fallen

Minds of the Fallen

Programmed in schools are hungry little sheep,
who grow up believing the stories they keep.
and as they get older the stories embed,
to become the foundation within their head.

Professors of rule then ask their opinion,
a backwards exam to conform the minion.
with the program in place each question a notch,
the answers displayed on the channels they watch.

Predictions requested of the most engaged,
believers in stories from the T.V. age.
magnetic ink maintains a mirror of words,
providing them answers and place in the herd.

Blind to morality and the light within,
they embrace propositions that lead to sin,
empowered by ego and commercial trends,
principals and virtues are the rules they bend.

That’s how the establishment controls the mind,
gets you to believe in their psychotic crime.
fabrication, lies, deception and deceit,
controlled by the few called the power elite.

They keep the masses busy, hungry and poor,
then sell you a bottle of spirits and war.
all packaged nicely on their network T.V.
an illusion of life and insanity.

For the wheel of industry, minds are prepared,
the beast and the monster that drives forth impaired.
your station depends on belief in the lies,
the more you believe the bigger the prize.

and at life’s end, when you’re lying in a room,
recounting moments that the wheel consumed,
you see the illusion, the part that you played,
the waste of a life in the time that you stayed.

About this Poem: The economic system in which we live does not serve the majority of humanity but a very small minority of people. It is a rigged system to make the masses subservient while a powerful few sit at the top consolidating power and economics through carefully drafted legislation made over the past 300 years. We are all programmed from the moment we are born to the moment we die. Our life is programmed to serve the system.

Indoctrination begins at a young age through a dumbed down education system, television programming, commercials, and a distorted history which is not allowed to be questioned. People work their entire lives feeding this system and then die never understanding their purpose in life or what the gift of life is…

The system, or “wheel” that we feed, destroys life. It does not benefit anyone with the exception of a very small group of parasitic thieves…it has to change or we will destroy life on this planet…

Prediction?...to make a prediction of what is to come in the year ahead, depends upon one weeding out all the trash, noise and lies flooding the mind by a system out of control…connecting the dots to see the trends requires one to research what they see and hear instead of accepting as fact the information they are told…unfortunately, the truth is not accepted by a greedy society, for most people anyways, because they have been programmed with garbage from a very early age. Today, most people accept what they are told as fact because a narrative was programmed within them at a very young age…

However, there are people who have woken up and are seeing clearly what is really going on in the world but their voices are being silenced by those that control the wheel of Industry and government halls. Free speech has been under attack for a very long time but recently has accelerated to a crisis point.

So rather than going into all the loose ends of geopolitics, economics and war, I decided to shine a little light in a very dark corner and do it generally…and so, I will predict one thing and I can guarantee it…that if we meet here again next year, nothing will have changed. The wheel of Industry and war will continue to consume life and no one will stand up to stop it…Because it doesn’t matter who is in power, weapons will be sold and many of them will be used by sociopaths in client nations to get what they want. Corporations will get bigger through consolidation, acquisition and hostile take overs and fall into fewer hands…the wheel of industry will impoverish millions more and the illusion of democracy will continue to be funded by deep pockets…i.e.: control of all parties by those with the largest shares of the pie…

Monday, November 13, 2017

Just Another Day

Just Another Day

A soulless stare with demons’ eyes,
counts his money with surly wry.

A coin for lodging, a coin for sleep,
A coin for water n’ wine to keep.

Now rest away your weary head,
just one night’s sleep on feathered bed.

Clock is ticking, conserve your strength,
Tomorrows work, three coins for length.

Eyes wide shut while, time fades away,
To dungeons dark, with walls of grey.

Screams and sirens pierce the night,
Fouling dreams till mornings light.

And then awake, the roomers call,
It’s check out time, beside the mall.

Face unshaven, clothes all haggard,
Direction plain, walk is staggered.

Hunger bites its morning blues,
Now coming down from the booze.

A soulless stare with empty eyes,
Arrives at work, disorganized.

The day is long, three coins are paid,
Now journey's back, to where he stayed.

A soulless stare with demons’ eyes,
counts his money, with surly wry.

A coin for lodging, a coin for sleep,
A coin for water n’ wine to keep.

About this Poem: 

Society lives in a prefab illusion where people are willing captives in bondage to an economic system that is no better than slavery. The painful truth of a corporate programmed society…

One of the escapes chosen by people is alcohol which carries a demon inside. All too often its use becomes a routine that slowly steals the health and mind of its victim. Apathy towards societal change is all too common due to its creeping theft of will power and memory, which is why this industry is controlled by the criminal establishment. 

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