Sunday, November 15, 2020

Enemy Inside the Gates


Enemy Inside the Gates 

Daunting virus takes your power, 
all connected they devour, 
unbalanced horde from nexus blanks, 
an inside job by private banks. 

Investment bankers are the scourge, 
and parasitic while submerged, 
with victories dripping in your blood, 
they sleek away into the mud. 

Fortunes made they pull down walls, 
lead the enemy through your halls, 
and take what’s yours to make their beds, 
your constitution ripped to shreds. 

Cartel planted in your nation, 
private banks that cause inflation, 
election riggings so profound, 
burns your country to the ground. 

From ashes grey of greed and nerve, 
hopes arise by those who serve, 
to crush the global banking horde, 
ensuring freedoms are restored. 
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: The parasitic private banks and those who subject humanity to unnecessary poverty are a virus. The United States, once a Republic has been slowly destroyed from within by a now, Global Banking Cartel to the point of economic collapse. This poem goes straight to the heart of the problem and was written in solidarity with the American people to take back what’s theirs…their country and their freedoms…soon it will be too late as the World Economic Forum, a think tank of the Banking Cartel, have slated 2021 as “The Economic Reset” where China and its totalitarian governance will assume its place as the technical, economic and military leader of the World…this is already a fact. Those that govern your nation are leading you to your destruction…the same can be said for every western nation; that our countries and freedoms have become fodder in the maw of a totalitarian New World Order that will be led through China.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020




The eyes of truth are steel blue, 
its foundations forever last, 
a fearless pillar firm and true, 
in the virtues of its cast. 

Of battles raged, under fire, 
it stands against determined foe, 
bringing forth its mighty ire, 
to counter every blow. 

Justice carried by sword aflame, 
so firmly held to never wane, 
defeating challenge to its name, 
lies are vanquished, none remain. 

Time, its cloak, a trivial shield, 
infinity a solemn space, 
for truth is all, when revealed, 
with dignity upon its face.
First Draft

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Gathering


The Gathering 

Butler Yeats gives the room a look, 
reads all the faces like a book, 
signals servants to bring the wine, 
to goad the guests before they dine. 

Wine is served to stony faces, 
well preserved by stoic graces, 
impassive looks by empty class, 
as butler pours into their glass. 

A call for quiet by the host, 
with glasses raised to propose a toast, 
“another win, a robust year, 
may all its worth come bring you cheer.” 

Glasses clink on futures claimed, 
on those they took and those they’ve maimed, 
agreements made in here n’ after, 
hubris formed in all the laughter. 

Ego’s dressed so high and mighty, 
clones of Zeus and Aphrodite, 
guests are ushered in their fable, 
served and seated at their table. 

Settled at the dinner party, 
Charles of Wales and Moriarty, 
tax evaders of special sort, 
friend and brother to Duke of York. 

In conversation of their schemes, 
the haunting sounds of muffled screams, 
divulged in spirits growing chatter, 
the rout of youth by frenzied hatter. 

Johnson chaffs the Scottish Wyland’s, 
“protecting both, your precious highlands? 
for whatever that the cost may be, 
we shall never surrender! Don’t you See?!” 

Edward G rolls with the laughter, 
sovereignty, will come soon after, 
and place this Boris on their throne, 
with fifty P and fifty stone. 

Beside the Windsor’s are the Sach’s, 
wall street cheats with financial axe, 
all acquired by Rothschild’s nod, 
the one that claims he is our God. 

Across from God, are the Schroder’s, 
bankers from patrician orders, 
a billion mouths will see no food, 
from fires set by his foul mood. 

At tables end, the Sultan king, 
an oil thief with terror fling, 
and with him is his protégé, 
insane prince Salmon on his way. 

Then theirs Bill and Melinda Gates, 
who’ve upped the antivirus stakes, 
a global stream of virus fear, 
to make them trillions in a year. 

and lastly there’s the Clinton clan, 
William being the lady’s man, 
with Epstein escorts young and bold, 
approved by Hillary, so I’m told. 

Duke of York then comes on over, 
pretends to be a wild rover, 
the escorts leave Bill all alone, 
to play with Andy on his throne. 

Yeats rolls his eyes, and plugs his ears, 
for nothings changed in all these years, 
except that faces come and go, 
prolongs and keeps the status quo.

About this Poem: This is satirical look at a dinner party attended by well know people of today with a few characters from the past.

The character Butler Yeats refers to “William Butler Yeats” an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature.

Moriarty has a double meaning; Sherlock Holms nemesis and the Moriarty Tribunal - officially called the Tribunal of Inquiry into certain Payments to Politicians and Related Matters. In this case it refers to 2 politicians Charles Haughey and Michael Lowry

Edward G refers to two people, “Film actor Edward G. Robinson” best remembered for his tough-guy roles in gangster films such as Little Caesar and Key Largo and also refers to “Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II”.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Battle of Might and Soul

The Battle of Might and Soul 

Darkness wanes, surrounding one, 
birthing image, form and sight, 
deep the first breath sails, 
with eyes that search for light. 

Mind is born from inner self, 
as conscience becomes aware, 
holding bonds and imprints, 
that form within the glare. 

Journeys mold from vastness, 
untouched by day or night, 
held by unseen powers, 
with guidance to the light. 

Beating hearts have purpose, 
engraved within the soul, 
forever seeking knowledge, 
and all there is to know. 

Chosen tasks and journey’s, 
emerging day to day, 
enticed by inner judgement, 
and roles that they will play. 

Encounters start to flourish, 
insights begin to gather, 
euphoric flares so polar, 
are all that seem to matter. 

Opposition gathers, 
unmask their daunting maze, 
filled by fractal beings, 
with different paths and ways. 

Ego’s building rides within, 
each fractal beings mind, 
disrupting all the currents, 
they become extremely blind. 

Expressions weigh in lifetimes, 
Ego’s are the thief, 
for holding life asunder, 
and filling us with grief. 

But rigid minds of selfdom, 
seek purpose to defend, 
to prove their fractal journey, 
has meaning in the end. 

Yet minds of merging matter, 
discards redundant thought, 
while purpose seems much clearer, 
from lessons they were taught. 

Conflicts end and spirits rise, 
resistance is let go, 
enlightened beings wiser, 
give in to conscious soul. 

Living beings once captive, 
no longer live in tatters, 
the truth they find in oneness, 
is all that really matters. 

Uplifting light descending, 
in conscious empathy, 
deliver fractal beings, 
to reveal eternity. 

About this Poem: We are born into this world with purpose, which is hidden away until a defining moment in our lives. However, there is also a battle that rages within between the ego and conscious essence of each fractal being. The hurdle is to overcome the age of ego and allow the conscious essence to lead before we can be successful in our singular missions.

NOTE: This poem is a rewrite of a 2014 poem “I Am Home”. The Original needed work as well as a new title so this is the result.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Autumn Geese

Autumn Geese 

As autumn paints with color, 
and nips with frosty prayer, 
sunrise sets the geese aglow, 
like lanterns in the air. 

Their bodies shone like beacons, 
their wings and heads in black, 
sing chorale songs in gala, 
with promise to come back. 

Their patterns vee in triumph, 
above the harvest field, 
setting sights now to the south, 
migrating from the shield. 

Their calling tugs emotions, 
like loved ones they compel, 
as parting sounds grow smaller, 
I send them my farewell. 

About this Poem: While on a morning walk in October 2020, I was treated to the bounty and abundance of autumn’s treasures. The sun painted the sky on early rise, the leaves were displaying all their reds, orange and yellow colors, the green grass was a frosty white and the geese above were lit up in song and illumination by the sun. As they flew above me, their bodies glowed like fire while their song had captured my essence…which tugged with their calling, my wish to join their flight. Magical autumn morning moments in Canada.

A Portrait of Life and Death

A Portrait of Life and Death 

There’s no better university than the cusp of death, 
for there in its gallery are seen two worlds side by side, 
both dripping in guilt and blood. 

Of death, it is but a door between levels of being, 
one physical and one not, 
one of fractal existence, 
and one of total consumption. 

Of life, there is no greater gift than spiritual freedom, 
to experience the universe as a sole entity, 
yet, often, man forgets he is not alone, 
for he falls into a gel that bleeds his spark, 
rendering him deaf to the whispers of consciousness, 
a trial of time, so often wasted in the long red nails of a lifespan. 

The soul is but a mirror of all, 
less it shatters to leave one a disconnected shard, 
in a portrait of death, 
that has severed its connection to life.

About this Poem: The photo above was a prompt in an October Poetry Contest on AP (AllPoetry). It reminded me of a television show I watched in the 1970’s called "Night Gallery", hosted by Rod Serling. On seeing the photo, the expression just came out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Chaotic COVID Game of Thrones


The Chaotic COVID Game of Thrones 

In recent history, the facts do show,
that economics will never grow,
since nine eleven, we’re led by fear,
and it’s getting worse every year.

The entire world, has gone to hell,
as peak has come to the oil well,
while violence greets the people’s probe,
with terror wars across the globe.

American empire found its knees,
through financial fraud and its disease,
a European bank cartel,
that dragged America down to hell.

Corporate seizures by foreign nations,
with partnered banks that caused inflation,
first wave came in two thousand eight,
easy pickings for the Chinese state.

They bought the corps that produced the goods,
and bought up homes in our neighborhoods,
high priced condos now fill our streets,
all controlled by banking cheats.

Demands increase on oil supply,
for Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, 
Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nantong,
Chinese cities where your jobs have gone.

Greed has peaked, the system shatters,
inflation leaves us all in tatters,
and now that housings beyond our reach,
the bankers lie to hide the leech.

The global central banking base,
that controls the oil market place,
employ their think tanks, devise a plan,
to save themselves and kill demand.

And so a pandemic was then born,
to launch the global bankrupt storm,
that forced the lockdowns of our nations,
destroyed what’s left of our foundations.

Everywhere, activity’s banned,
all is going according to plan,
the family business becomes the mark,
by the bloody covid corporate shark.

As second lockdown now emerges,
pressures on, as poverty surges,
while food production begins to slow,
population continues to grow,

Banking forums launch their schemes,
while Asia’s exploding at the seams,
their fake pandemic kills production,
business tanks to its destruction.

Gatherings banned, protests suspended,
freedom of speech has been upended,
the corporate cartel has taken root,
a dishonest clan in banking suit.

The Canadian fascists are all on board,
like Trudeau, Freeland, Legault and Ford,
destroyed their country, people confined,
with social distance, masks, and fines.

They raise themselves to live like gods,
controlled by wealthy gangs abroad,
and so their plans come home to roost,
while immigration provides a boost.

Prison waits if you oppose their plans,
as public gatherings have all been banned,
it’s precisely what they meant to do,
and why they’re resolved to see it through.

With global reset, scheduled next year,
life as we know it will disappear,
where the new jobs come from, is not clear,
but who can think while they push their fear? 

Winters coming, everyone’s locked down,
shackled tight, economies will drown,
everything stops, while nothings produced,
except on farms, but those are reduced.

Within six months of winters season,
the poorest exposed for no reason,
banking cartel will still hold control,
with reduced population pole to pole.

Those alive will be in submission,
Obedience through their rendition,
wake then people, to your crimson dawn,
no one will save you, when freedoms gone.
By: The Activist Poet

Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Prophetic Tale of Tyrant Kings


The Prophetic Tale of Tyrant Kings 

In echoed halls of Tyrant Kings,
rumors swell on prophetic things, 
in stories told for what they bring, 
as hell arises, heaven sings. 

People badgered, while under keep, 
taxation graft, to make them weep, 
and sow their sorrows to the earth, 
while there is payment, they have worth. 

and then the famine comes for all, 
king’s community has a fall, 
but underneath the castle wall, 
the tyrant feasts within his hall. 

Amid the ashes and the smoke, 
the bodies burn in fires stoked, 
survivors grieve, across the land, 
the mourning seen in black arm band. 

In the wake of gathered sorrow, 
prayers are prayed for their tomorrow, 
but in the ale of their grief, 
their anger burns for common thief. 

Death takes form, on tyrant’s face, 
of crimes to hide, there is no place, 
and so the castle gates are crashed, 
including stores where food is stashed. 

Among survivors’, plans are made, 
to quell rebellion and crusade, 
to thwart king’s council that remains, 
and those that wish to hold the reigns. 

A constitution then is formed, 
the laws and freedoms so transformed, 
to serve the people and their kin, 
a new beginning to begin. 

Amongst the dust that came before, 
on yellow scrolls that called for war, 
are kept reminders and their rings, 
in echoed halls of tyrant kings.
By: The Activist Poet

Authors Notes: History is filled with tyrant kings who come and go in bloody things…when people have enough of their rule, the time arrives to depose the fool...

Applies not only to kings, sultans and emperors but to governing memes who unleash totalitarian laws and put themselves above the community today...for they also have names and addresses to remember when the famine comes...

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Five Leaf Clover

The Five Leaf Clover

Of life and stems,
with five leaf hearts,
the pools of sorrow,
do then depart.

Among the thorns,
and spiny grass,
has come to pass.

To capture now,
the change foreseen,
reversing path,
to evergreen.

For everything,
a place and time,
the universe,
where all combine.

About this Poem: Nature has provided me with signs over the years; signs that come as answers to questions I have from the inner most part of me. On August 14th, 2020, I found a five-leaf clover in answer to the future. I didn’t have to search for the clover, but was guided to it while in conscious thought with the inner voice within me.  

The poem reflects the answer of that inner conversation.

Meaning: With all the sorrows that the year 2020 has brought, they will pass…

“Reversing path to evergreen” means we will return to nature from the destructive course we are on.

Saturday, August 8, 2020



Frail days of summer,
descend uneasy skies,
whispers to the mountains,
their long farewell, goodbye.

Valley’s merge in twilight,
impressions gather clouds,
sigils of the mourning,
bathed in crimson shrouds.

Forests cast their shadows,
for summer they do weep,
while frosty air bites the wind,
as tree’s nod off to sleep.

Autumn brims its sadness,
in hurry and by strife,
raining leaves upon the ground,
with fading signs of life.

Memories gather moments,
where smiles forever gaze,
frozen in their seasons,
that time has tucked away.

Inspired by the melancholy trends of the changing seasons, a photo I took in 2006 one early morning in Ayes Cliff Quebec and a brilliant composition by John Sokoloff called “Valleys”

A World of Pretend

A World of Pretend

What am I doing,
and why am I here?
What practical joke,
keeps a person in fear?

They’ve taken my rights,
the right to fight back,
and the rent is due,
on my cheap little shack.

To fall through the cracks,
where supplies are bare,
my clothes now tattered,
by the time and the wear.

“There’s no work for you”,
well that’s what they say,
they bid me good luck,
and have a nice day.

But still we push on,
experience and all,
greet what comes at us,
to get over the wall.

With the cupboard bare,
and bills that are due,
we stroll to good will,
and push our way through.

The lines are longer,
on handouts today,
more families in stress,
in jobs with less pay.

Rations now given,
with sac and a smile,
but I won’t eat much,
so, it lasts for a while.

As the sun descends,
there’s talk of a fight,
the streets are restless,
grows night after night.

Policemen then bloom,
with night sticks and guns,
teargas the people,
and set them to run.

Communities locked down,
in debt that they owe,
the rich grow richer,
…they’ll reap what they sow.

The morning sun’s up,
the streets still in flame,
media strikes out,
it’s the people they blame.

So here we all are,
in wait for the end,
there’s no going back,
in a world of pretend.
About this Poem: The fraudulent economic model controlled by the private banks through real estate and multi-national corporations have destroyed our communities. Housing is so expensive now due to inflation that no one but the very rich can afford it. Weather it’s a home, apartment or condo, the wealthy have made it impossible for future generations to afford any of them. The jobs offered, if there are any, are all low paying labor jobs that no longer cover the rent, food, and bills.

The Private Banks and government pretend that all is well…and now that they have shut the economy down for 3 or 4 months to usurp what’s left through a pretentious excuse of a pandemic, a great many people are going to be in dire need…there is no future for the community unless the private banks, the bailed out corporations and governments stop pretending that there’s no problem…There IS a problem and that problem stems from the absolute greed and parasitic destruction of our communities by these private banks, corporations and real estate developers through the economic growth banking model. It’s time for everyone to stand up and change the way money works. The Reset that they will propose in 2021 will NOT be in the people’s favour. They do not want to let go of their economic power or control of OUR communities…make no mistake, the depression that’s coming is really going to hurt millions of people in every country. The only way to make change is to change the way money works, and that requires all of us to stand up and unite against the private banks and their monetary control. They are absolute parasites.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Wounds of Decay

The Wounds of Decay

The story began long ago,
when private interests took control,
and built for them a central bank,
to seize the nation of the yank.

This central bank with no review,
serves the interests of the few,
no country needed nor a border,
powers only their world order.

The fascist phrase that they embrace,
is European to the trace,
just read the history and their nature,
and their fiscal legislature.

They work on programs long on tooth,
instilled by T.V. in our youth,
infusing hatred right on course,
to set alight with no remorse.

City mayors nod endorsement,
the violence used by law enforcement,
a rubber pardon for the lot,
with stern reminder, don’t get caught.

Special interests control the stage,
with leaven topics filled with rage,
unrest that boldens special groups,
encouraged trouble brings the troops.

The sling of pain and words go deep,
they usher riots to the street,
and break all ties of unity,
crushing our community.

The rage continues through the fall,
to blame a president for it all,
November’s ballot played with stones,
the cartels private game of thrones.

American life in steep decline,
with private banks that are benign,
partner reset with deceiver,
China rises with its fever.

Just go and read the Davos print,
although the writing makes you squint,
our futures laid out by their quorum,
declared the way by their forum.

Reset starts with corona flu,
declared pandemic by the WHO,
media scares the population,
propaganda on the nation.

How many have died in the past?
previous years the news wont cast,
they won’t consider or review,
that death is common with the flu.

So here we are in division,
all controlled by television,
economy shot, gone to hell,
depression triggered by cartel.

They’ve disempowered everyone,
now failure’s looming with its run,
they stole it all, what we had saved,
to turn our people into slaves.

Yet hope remains with open mind,
by constitution that was signed,
be the leaders, and take it back,
we’re all united white and black.
By: The Activist Poet

Authors Notes: It seems that promoting violence does not violate social media community standards, yet when people were sharing professional opinions about immunology, the corona virus and herd immunity, their videos or posts were censored...After being in lock down for 2 and a half months or more and witnessing the forced destruction of a dead man walking economy, there are now riots that contain agent provocateurs, abandoned police cars just waiting to be burned in front of cameras and piles of bricks neatly stacked in wealthy store areas...with a violent incident stoked by mainstream media to light a fuse...all in a US election year where the deep state is desperate to maintain their criminal economic cartel...So, as they get ready to roll out a militarized curfew by creating the problem action solution situation, they are going to make sure that no one will be able to protest when the economy (which has recently been propped up with Trillions of dollars) crashes right around the time that millions of people will have their unemployment insurance run out...Change will only happen when you take the power to create money away from the economic cartel and return it to the people. The economic crash will be our only chance to take their power away and rebuild a community that includes the ENTIRE community...Don't play their violent game or we will all lose...

The US Federal Reserve is a "Private" Central Bank that is controlled by a ring of wealthy families and their own Private Banks. It is a private Independent organization that has no accountability to US citizens or Government.

The World Economic Forum holds their annual meetings in Davos Switzerland. They have proposed an Orwellian solution to the problems that they created…

The Great Economic Reset

The Bank of International Settlements is an International Financial Institution owned by Central Banks (The Heart of the Economic Cartel)

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