Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The Economic Cartel & Western Spring

The Economic Cartel & Western Spring

Wealthy families control the world,
they sit upon a throne,
an economic feeding tube,
through all the shares they own.

Their money grew a zillion fold,
the flow that they conceived,
they spun a web on how to live,
on people they deceived.

Banks created to hold their wealth,
a business built by thieves,
inflation started by their mark,
in all that they received.

The corporations that they own,
now consolidated,
the thousands of them form a block,
powered and inflated.

But don’t you look for, who owns stock,
they’re hidden, well disguised,
precisely made to throw you off,
away from prying eyes.

All ownership belongs to them,
a right that they believe,
even though you own your home,
your tax a rental fee.

The notion that your country’s free,
just imagination,
when Tax Day comes to pay your share,
leaves you in frustration.

Politicians corrupt and bought,
promised business favor,
selling off what belongs to us,
rights are just a waiver.

They run your country to the ground,
selling your resources,
to largest holders of the stocks,
and financial forces.

People here were not consented,
on selloff of their stakes,
by all political party’s,
who work for wealthy snakes.

Once they seized up all resources,
they put us all in debt,
controlled our money creation,
by stealth and by a threat.

Our debts today to money old,
came from their inflation,
years of feeding on the fold,
once they seized the nation.

Today this wealthy group of banks,
expands by using force,
on the independent nations,
through violence they endorse.

And in this age of internet,
where people have a choice,
we’re censored by the corporate thieves,
so we don’t have a voice.

In every nation they control,
a lockdown is invoked,
their masks are used to silence us,
our voice they try to choke.

All the criminals now in view,
rebellion starts to grow,
the tighter that they squeeze us all,
the more now in the know.

It’s time for us to take it back,
with partnerships for all,
and change the way that money works,
together we evolve.
The Activist Poet

About this poem: The economic cartel has consolidated business and banking in a large number of countries including all of, Europe, the USA, Japan, the UK and commonwealth of nations, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada and of course, many other vassal states. The nations that are independent and oppose this cartel are targeted by sanctions, insurrection, coups, war, invasion and even threatened by the wests bulldog, "NATO". But also, the citizens within this cartel are now being censored, silenced, fined and imprisoned for their audacity to speak truth to power and for waking up many others who have shown that they can disrupt the cartels grip on power...thus they are selective now of what is allowed to be seen or heard by the greater public. For this reason, they have implemented massive censorship across the internet and locked us down...the fake pandemic is their means to silence their critics at home while staving off massive popular protests while the economy continues to sink. What is on the other side of the coin for them is total control of growth economics...well, their power is going to be threatened anyways because their own totalitarian actions have awakened more people than they realize...the march for freedom and independence begins...these are the days of "The Western Spring".

Recurring Dream 1940

Recurring Dream 1940

The dream repeats again tonight,
with eerie choice to make,
the basement with its fearful gloom,
or stairs up to my fate.

I feel the bombs all come to mind,
see their demolition,
out of the house my chances best,
urged by intuition.

I climb the rubble to the door,
see familiar sight,
streets are covered with piles of bricks,
and ash all grey and white.

We’re in between the Gerry raids,
and bombs dropped from the sky,
the town all out to clean the mess,
without a how or why.

The dream now shows a different scene,
a bomb wedged in so tight,
right in front of the cellar door,
where I just spent the night.

My eyes then open in a stare,
and hear the distant towns,
that dreadful hum up in the air,
of planes and air raid sounds.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Remembering Vladik Shikov and Western Impunity

Remembering Vladik Shikov and Western Impunity

“I don’t know how to write this letter,
I don’t know how to choose the right words,
they killed my five-year-old son today,
by a foreign drone launched from Ukraine.”

Little Vladik was in his front yard,
he was playing with a happy face,
with no care, nor worry of danger,
unaware they pinpointed his place.

Advising the criminal killers,
U.S. soldiers are in the Ukraine,
supported by their NATO allies,
where the silence of mainstream remains.

Evil pervades through western power,
by its banking and corporate controls,
callous decisions, greedy and wrong,
to fulfill their imperial goals.

The coup that they backed in the Ukraine,
is controlled by the western cartel,
who side with the fascists and Nazi’s,
who are bombing the Donbas with shells.

Just one of the millions of stories,
where the children are tortured and slain,
by western government positions,
redirecting the onus and blame.

So where was the media coverage,
for the essence, the outrage and shame,
for western support of the Nazi’s,
and their NATO inspired war games.

I’ve never seen such hypocrisy,
their support of the Avoz brigades,
politicians feigning remembrance,
while our soldiers turn inside their graves.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: On Monday, April 5, 2021, under grey skies in Yenakievo, the funeral of little Vladik Shikov took place, a 5-year-old child murdered by a Ukrainian drone on April 3 in front of his grandmother's house.

Vladik’s Mother - “Write a letter…I have not written such letters, I do not know how to choose the right words. They killed my son, took my life’s meaning. But they don't understand this pain, because their children are home and happy; and I live only with the belief that the guilty will be punished…And when I think for a minute that it could all stay in suspended condition, that children continue to die, my blood boils. Our children did not start a war. They are not guilty. Our children want to live. And if nothing changes after my son's death, then more innocent children will die. Let them raise their asses, let them move, start protecting our children. I apologize, I'm not feeling very well, I can hardly see the letter. It's even harder to find the right words."

The Azov Brigade is a Neo-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard regiment, based in Mariupol in the Azov Sea coastal region. It formed and was bankrolled during the US and NATO backed coup of the elected democratic government in Ukraine 2014. After the coup, the Azov Brigade was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine. The Ukraine Government is fascist and a puppet to the US and NATO.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Freedom of Speech


Freedom of Speech

Social networks censor the news,
they watch every post that you make,
but mostly those with different views,
they rid them and call the news fake.

Freedom of speech, under attack,
in public you don’t have a say,
these wall street-savvy behemoths,
in the soviet U.S.A.

Just look who’s being indited,
for disclosing meme crimes and sins,
Julian Assange for starters,
accused by congressional spins.

Establishment news prevails,
Obama who gave them that right,
expanding their war on people,
regardless of how just your fight.

While Edward Snowden did warn you,
of unlawful spying renditions,
in the west there are no borders,
when viewing their extraditions.

Now in medical tyranny,
with censors that work overtime,
while pushing their masks and lockdowns,
and enforcing them with their fines.

I emphasize this now sternly,
our communities are at stake,
your silence concedes our freedoms,
yet decisions are yours to make.

You have to stand up and fight them,
so children have freedom of choice,
the future is theirs to live in,
you’re obliged to leave them a voice.
The Activist Poet 

Wraith World


Wraith World

When shivers leave you all alone,
and the darkness claims your eyes,
the candle light that is your soul,
will flicker by their surprize.

To fall into the world of wraith,
of poisons and spider webs,
where all alone you hear them breathe,
with the voices of the dead.

Mortality then grips you so,
off balance your life on edge,
breathing quick your thoughts in panic,
while your fear becomes a wedge.

The demon wraiths have come for you,
no escape when you are seen,
they feast upon the human spark,
in the darkest depth of dreams.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Silent Majority

 Video: Stewart Brennan March 19th, 2020

The Silent Majority

All our dreams have been broken,
by a greedy corporate task,
but we shall all remember,
who it is that wears the mask.

Little whispers of the past,
tell a tale of who you are,
for we have all been watching,
through the damage of our scars.

To some your face is hidden,
for others a business deal,
but for those of us that see you,
will come for what you steal.

Will you get away with it?
keep pushing and you’ll find out,
liberty is drawing near,
and your end, I have no doubt.
The Activist Poet

Video: Stewart Brennan March 14th, 2013

Friday, April 9, 2021

Imprints to Ascend

Imprints to Ascend

Time is measured while we live and breathe,
the clocks begin ticking at our birth,
they start what could be one hundred years,
a lifetime on this planet called earth.

Imprints are given before you’re born,
a program of goals and conditions,
placed and hidden but only revealed,
in déjà vu and intuition.

Your mission here, repair the damage,
and to make the world a better place,
the tools needed will build through your life,
in the cycles you come to embrace.

Those cycles in life repeat ten-fold,
they merge and develop your mission,
building upon all that you have learned,
to complete your tasks of transition.

All we do, experience the key,
reassurance and comprehension,
what happens next depends upon you,
to remain or move to ascension.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Lighting Candles

Lighting Candles

Blue paintbrush spells the atmospheres,
across the purple hemispheres,
where rising tides plan safety lines,
and greedy NATO lay's their mines.

Western Europe feigns on the fence,
as U.S. plans their next offense,
all helped by U.K. coroner,
while blocking Russia’s corridor.

As Europe bleeds for energy,
it shakes the western synergy,
as fuels required for their growth,
gas and oil, they need them both.

So, Russia builds its harmony,
with Nord Stream two to Germany,
while NATO members place their tanks,
and sanction Russia with their banks.

The Polish coup comes into play,
the U.S. gas hub wants its say,
to squeeze all Europe to the bone,
prepare their war throughout the zone.

Broken pipelines run through Ukraine,
where tensions mount, by Europe’s strain,
that came from US sponsored coup,
a vassal state by you know who.

Joe Biden plans to frack their land,
to keep them hostage by demand,
insisting they bow down to him,
another tale by brothers Grimm.

A NATO stockpile in Ukraine,
where tensions mount and cause the strain,
a blitzkrieg buildup, nod by France,
on Donetsk Republic and Lugansk.

The Ukraine Nazi’s rising spell,
will cast the world back into hell,
if eyes are shut and back is turned,
your freedoms all, will have been burned.

When war does come in red and black,
they’ll bomb the pipelines in attack,
to set the stage for global war,
but you should know that, heretofore.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem:

The US is currently behind Kiev Ukraine's push into the east of the country surrounding the Lugansk and Donetsk regions. All of this is in response to the Russian energy supply to Europe via Nord Stream II which is scheduled to be completed this year 2021 (5% left to go). Russia is seeing a lot more sanctions because of it and also a lot of air and sea interference by Poland.

Poland has become a very expensive US Hub for Natural Gas; currently shipped to them by a pipeline of ocean tankers from the US which is supposed to supply Europe at 3 times the price of Russian Gas.

If and when Nord Stream II comes online, US controlled Ukraine will lose their hold on the old Russian energy transit corridor across Ukraine into Europe. Biden had also intended to frack the hell out of Ukraine as well, to supply Europe with gas. No doubt Poland is also involved with the U.S. plan to supply Europe with gas. Therefore, the closer we get to the completion of Nord Stream II, the closer we are to war. How far will the U.S. go?

Fascist Ukraine is building up their forces in the Lugansk & Donetsk region at a ratio of 3 or 4 to 1, in preparation for what can only be seen as a blitzkrieg victory over the eastern states while Russia has vowed to protect these regions.

Eastern Europe is now a tinderbox waiting for a match so I hope everyone in the world understands how dangerous this situation is. If western backed Ukraine continues to act like a pariah and starts a war on the eastern republics then there will most likely be an additional attack on the Russia to Germany Nord Stream II gas pipeline...any such incident would be considered an attack on Russia and then we move to very dangerous times.

Important Links:

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[08] Kremlin says situation in Donbass ‘frightening’ as Ukraine calls on NATO & Washington for support in event of conflict with Russia - 2021 April 02
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Russian Gas Exports & Nord Stream II

[A] Bombshell report reveals how Ukrainian lobbyists pitted US against EU over new Russia-Germany Nord Stream 2 pipeline – 2020 Nov 30
[B] The Atlantic Council - Ted Cruz - How to stop Nord Stream 2 – 2020 Dec 16
[C] Defending European security: Putin and Merkel join forces to resist cynical US sanctions on controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline – 2020 Dec 18
[D] Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline WILL go ahead with EU support, regardless of American lobbying and sanctions, says Russian Deputy PM – 2021 Jan 04
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[F] As Paris asks Berlin to suspend Nord Stream 2, Gazprom reveals France has increased its own purchases of Russian gas by almost 50% - 2021 Feb 16
[G] Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord Stream 2 pipeline in ‘planned & prepared provocations’ to obstruct work, says operator – 2021 April 01
[H] Russian gas exports to Europe surge 30% in 2021 – 2021 Apr 04

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Illusion

The Illusion

Grey shadows present themselves,
in orange, yellow and white,
atop of youth’s perceptions,
in the dreams that come at night.

Their forms are rich and lavish,
waiting, and yours to achieve,
enticed by hidden essence,
in illusions that they weave.

and when you wake up startled,
by disasters that they feed,
you’ll come to know their sunset,
and their program filled with greed.
The Activist Poet

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

American Empire


American Empire

Eisenhower warned us once,
of the evil here at play,
of how they’d seize the nation,
of the good ole U.S.A.

None of you took heed of him,
of what he had to say,
now your nation’s bankrupt,
with poverty on display.

From Europe to Korea,
to Mosaddegh’s Iran,
from there you went to Cuba,
Africa, Viet Nam.

The C.I.A. killed Kennedy,
and with him your nation state,
Lyndon Johnson took the reigns,
and pushed the memes mandate.

Let’s not forget all his wars,
below your southern border,
sponsored coups, regimes all changed,
for their new world order.

Assassinations played a part,
to pave this new direction,
Nixon cancelled Breton Woods,
to seal the insurrection.

A war mongers printing press,
replaced the gold with dollars,
inflation, oil, all the noise,
still argued by the scholars.

Ronald ray guns stoked the fire,
declared a new arms race,
spending into overdrive,
with scourging wall street face.

N.E.D. was made and funded then,
let loose on oil nations,
recession came to our homes,
collapse acceleration.

Nineteen-ninety-one, the mark,
when the Iron curtain fell,
U.S. empire grew in size,
Bush bombed them all to hell.

It all started in Iraq,
Yugoslavia and more,
this US domination,
by a hell bound bank of war.

Clinton added sanctions too,
how many millions died,
Albright says, it was worth it,
and they boast of this with pride.

U.S. citizens had had enough,
they elected junior Bush,
the meme did nine eleven,
stoking panic with a push.

Behind the scenes trillions gone,
Rumsfeld can’t figure it out,
but print they did, at the fed,
for payoffs, butchers and clout.

P-NAC then, well on its way,
the wars of terror started,
tens of millions now are dead,
in days and ways uncharted.

Crashing bank derivatives,
their debts popped all balloons,
bailed out by elected reps,
a congress of meme baboons.

“I will end the war in Iraq”,
“You can take that to the Bank”,
wars increased then seven-fold,
Obama the one to thank.

While U.S. wars cover earth,
gun sales at home increase,
profits up for weapons corps,
no time to broker peace.

Debts increase by doubling,
your bases around the world,
eight hundred plus and counting,
in lockstep and unfurled.

The streets are broke, bankers rich,
homeless people everywhere,
news is silent on the debt,
do you think they really care?

Spending now in cruise control,
elections a rubber stamp,
Trump is gone, while war remains,
for Biden and the Tramp.

All the while you’ve lost your rights,
your locked down, masked and poor,
and the psychopaths get away,
while liberties are no more.
The Activist Poet

Additional Info:

[01] Mohammad Mosaddegh the leader of Iran was overthrown by the CIA in 1953

[02] N.E.D. stands for,The National Endowment for Democracy

[03] P-NAC stands forProject for a New American Century

Emerald Spring


Emerald Spring

Such welcomed sounds sing of spring,
returning geese in the air,
skies are lush with hurried sounds,
but on ground there’s despair.

Our forest Ash has succumbed,
to a foreign emerald bug,
trees culled by city workers,
with an un-concerning shrug.

The shock so devastating,
for our forest is now gone,
victim of container ships,
from China and Hong Kong.

I see the grieving creatures,
in the forest where I go,
the squirrels and birds and rabbits,
who grieve in melting snow.

When and where will it all end,
these uncaring kinds of things,
trade by uncaring business,
with destruction that they bring.
The Activist Poet

About this Poem: I truly love nature but abhor what consumer growth economics has done to our environment. We need to do more to save our forests, trees and wildlife. We need to stop being consumers of trinkets while also ending our pre-occupation with disposable things.

In August 2020, I wrote about the trade with China and the devastation it has wrecked on the North American environment. The “Emerald Ash Borer” being one of those Asian infestations and forest destroyers.

In the spring of 2021, our city began cutting all the infected Ash Trees down and I have to say it was really devastating and depressing to see, especially the holes that they left in our community. I’m also concerned about the displaced animals and birds that made the trees their home. The destruction of our Ash trees and forests is a direct result of allowing trade with countries that have no concern for the environment like China. The huge amount of trade being conducted with China needs to end.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

When the Meme Falls


When the Meme Falls

When illusion has dissolved,
the pains of life released,
the meme will have a fall,
and I will be deceased.

My mission will be done,
my pledge will be fulfilled,
the torus will reverse,
mankind will then rebuild.

And me I’ll travel home,
merge back into the light,
while leaving notes behind,
from everything I write.


DR. Roger Hodkinson – Over-reaction and Failures of Govts on COVID

The Activist Poet

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