Tuesday, March 24, 2020

CORVID Medical Martial Law

CORVID Medical Martial Law

The sun has come to shine on days,
unmoral code decreed and made,
when martial law descends through fear,
by despot creatures insincere.

The games afoot to feed the fools,
work’s been cancelled along with schools,
and what’s to come unfolds today,
when fingers point to make you pay.

The markets crash around the world,
events they planned they now unfurl,
by using fear to launch their plans,
a host of laws and freedom bans.

Supply lines thinning borders locked,
nothing moves and nothing’s stocked,
ration cards are soon expected,
on vital products most affected.

Programmed line ups wait for food,
long on life and short on mood,
sentries armed protect the rations,
snarling words in war like fashions.

Those who govern punish you,
when quoting facts about the flu,
don’t leave home without a mask,
and pose no questions, do not ask.

Angst uneasy controls the masses,
rupture rages through the classes,
recreation’s been demolished,
circus games have been abolished.

Big brother’s watching from behind,
leaving home will get you fined,
so hunker down and stay indoors,
and keep away from all the stores.

No groups of two allowed to walk,
six feet away before you talk,
danger tape says parks are closed,
martial law has been imposed.

And when its done, this CORVIS flu,
things will change for me and you,
for laws they made will still remain,
to flush your freedoms down the drain.

And what comes next will then unfold,
a cashless system they remold,
with social credits, 5G claims,
the rest of us in hunger games.
By: The Activist Poet

About this Poem: 

Weather the CORVID-19 Pandemic is real or not is not the issue, the real issue is the information we are not being told about the seasonal flu which kills tens of thousands of people every year. Those with prior existing illnesses and the elderly are always the most vulnerable. There are many corona viruses some stronger some weaker. 

However, that aside, I do know something about economics and to me this over hyped pandemic is the excuse to bring down the current bankrupt economic system and replace it with a cashless 5G system that will be more totalitarian than the Imperial one that is crashing in flames right now. It was planned long ago with China taking the seat of control of this new World Order which will unfold when CORVID-19 ends the American economic empire.

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  1. One thing, capitalize T in verse two. It is with immense pleasure that I read a poet with such a fantastic grasp of our language. I read aloud and your words rolled off my tongue I aspire to be this good. Thank you for sharing your gift. I am saving this site for future reading Unless, you would rather I went through Allpoetry?


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