Wednesday, September 4, 2013


An Ancient Saying:

“The moon is a ship that sails across the sky, growing in size and radiant intensity as it collects the souls of the dead until full, when it then releases graceful souls into heaven and retreats to begin the cycle all over again.”

It is written that God paints the sky with his intentions and reveals to those willing to listen…and then, he comes to you one night and whispers your name, “Awaken”…


The sound of a far off and distant cry captured my thoughts pulling me into the twilight plains of wonder.

Awaking dreams enveloped my being with thoughts of endless light by captured emotions connected by hidden sirens and distant cries…coming ever closer, and urging me forward.

Growing louder, the sound of a great flock drew near as I watched the moments unfold before me, and with singular unknown purpose and graceful moves, held up by the breath of God, they arrived at the place of his choosing.

My soul, not long awakened and reborn in truth, stood at a crossroads unsure of what lay before me as the graceful entity spiraled down to the lake for the first time.

Heart filled excitement raced within me as emotions thrust forward reaching out to embrace a collective of empathic souls; I knew inside that I must leave here with them…Beckoned by thoughts afar, expressed by a million voices…these living souls with varying purpose, and singular thought spoke to me.  “It is time.”

A crash of thunder echoed behind beating wings as millions rise as one into the sunset from a land of despair, comforting my racing heart through empathic vision. Crescent sails in the darkening sky fills with light and awaiting souls, carried on wings made by God.

Millions of shining lights rising as one in great brilliance, illuminating the darkness and leaving burdens behind, carrying one more soul with them. Soaring into the heavens, filling my heart and soul with warmth and light, my eyes opened…the sleeper has awakened!

Search your soul and ask yourself…”are you prepared to stand against the evils of the World?”

Let us make that stand and together we shall unite our communities for Truth, Justice, and moral values by eliminating the evil controls upon them.

If you should accept, I will swear my oath to you…on my family’s name.
The World is at a Crossroads…it is Time for the awakened to make a stand.

Stewart Francis Brennan


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