Friday, September 27, 2013



Distant voices shaking,
escape opacity's wrath,
seeking inner fires,
that light upon the path.

While shadows trapped in twilight,
allude with malintent,
striking fears attention,
on souls that they torment.

Shapes come into forum,
as sleep awakens night,
panic builds momentum,
and hides just out of sight.

Heartbeat races faster,
charged and full of flight,
while darkness wanes to question,
and run instead of fight.

Scenes adrift unfolding,
consciousness aware,
empathic visions capture,
the essence that is there.

Enlightened soul now present,
fears have all been slain,
morning breaks the silence,
and removes you from the plain.
2nd Edit 2020 Mar 06

About this Poem: Nightmares conquered 

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