Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Hazy State of Being

The Hazy State of Being

Human existence,
in all of its strife,
forever searching,
the meaning of life.

But before our eyes,
the answers are there,
as all that’s created,
come in a pair.

Our presence is mirrored,
above and below,
on tree, and universe,
its make up and flow.

On Earth we are given,
the essence of seeing,
our connection to trees,
its air and well being.

For lungs are the branches,
our hand prints the leaves,
tree rings on fingers,
are lifetimes we weave.

No two are alike,
not human nor tree,
yet under the sky,
is the quest to be free.

As we look to the sky,
where learning’s begun.
compare to the atom,
the planets and sun.

Micro and Macro
uncover the distance
atomic patterns,
repeat in existence.

With billions of stars,
the galaxy’s full,
trillions of planets,
in gravity's pull.

Cosmic magnetics,
in clusters that form,
the roads that connect us,
to weather the storm.

Synaptic connection,
galactic mind,
with light and darkness,
now both intertwined.

as seen through the iris,
nebula and soul,
pupils dilated,
becomes a black hole.

Black holes within us,
to take it all in,
learning in measure,
the truth and the sin.

For all is before us,
including the storm,
as galaxies swirl,
in hurricane form.

In humans and nature,
above and below,
all are evolving,
as one cosmic soul.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

For Those Who See

For those Who See

For those who see beyond the noise,
the broken Gaza girls and boys,
the twisted reigns and prison beds,
Israeli jails where truth is dead.

For those that hear the western lies,
the poor me bullshit in disguise,
the laughing monster heads of state,
the children’s screams that they create.

For those who feel the children’s fear,
and point out lies from western smear,
that show the world what they have done,
like arming terror with their guns.

For those that speak out to these crimes,
and hold accountable in these times,
the vicious dogs, nefarious swine,
the global leaders that crossed the line.

I salute you as a friend of mine.
The Activist Poet

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