Friday, July 18, 2014

The ZION Beast

The ZION Beast

The creature stands in front of its lair engulfed in flames of rage proclaiming its war on mankind…Blindness surrounds the colourless souls that hear only the echoed voices of illusion…and like lemmings, they follow into sway, burning with the fires of madness.

Away in the distance, the cries of the besieged echo in streets now cast in darkness. Fires rage with crackling smoke, while the dead search for reason. Columns of greed and hate move in to crush the souls of children as the demons feed from their blood lust and cheer in delight from their mountain tops. The ZION Beast is revealed for all to see…and may God damn it back to hell!!



  1. Your writing needs a lot of woodshed time. It's "lair" not "layer." Don't mix politics with poetry. Go easy on abstractions.

    1. Thank you for pointing out my spelling error. Everyone makes mistakes but I guess maybe I rely on “Spell Check” more than I should; and even though I may not be an experienced writer, critics seem easy to find.

      As for your suggestions on writing style I will take a few moments here to respond…My Poetry is an expression of my feelings and since I view groups that carry out Crimes Against Humanity detestable and the very definition of evil, I find the need to speak out when apathy and silence seems to have found our morally bankrupt politicians. Good and evil has a dividing line that comes down to empathy and respect which is also the fundamental belief of most Jews, Muslims and Christians but apparently not politicians. I’m sorry you don’t feel that my expressions are your cup of tea but I support equal rights and human values for ALL people and oppose any man or political group that resorts to mass murder to legitimize itself…to express ones emotions towards great injustice is not called being political, its called being human…which I’m sure you can agree. Thanks again for stopping by.


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