Friday, July 11, 2014

Only the Guilty

Only the Guilty
Only the guilty launch aggressive war
Their vile greed precedes them and still they want more.
They justify their lies from the bullets fired back.
They slaughter the innocent in vicious attacks.
Only the guilty usurp all the powers
And build themselves walls and towers.
Extended Paranoia, solidified in their crimes 
There is nothing they wont do to cross the line
Only the guilty create stories of propaganda
To hide behind their walls of hate and slander
Lying to the unaware they cover up what they’ve done
Then build more settlements on what they’ve won.
Only the guilty point fingers of false blame
Another weapon unleashed in their vitriolic game
They excuse their crimes with lies and revisions
They play the victim to justify their decisions
Only the guilty make laws to protect themselves
Seizing power and governance in a pact with hell
Always fearful, always couth,
They pass their bills to criminalize the truth
Only the guilty will excuse ethnic cleansing
To justify and wash away the laws they are bending
They extinguish the light and usher in darkness
They use their god to justify harshness
Only the guilty are blind to massive crimes
Egos of ignorance, a sickness in their minds 
They legalize torture and build more prisons
They demonize the vanquished and silence the visions
Only the guilty attack and form an alliance
Then brutalize their victims who stand in defiance
Hatred comes from their decaying minds
Death and damnation is all you’ll find
Be aware and heed this warning,
Damnation will come for the guilty one morning
Judgement waits it will take its time
But be assured real justice is not blind.

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