Friday, January 23, 2015

One Heart One Soul

A Poem about Soul Mates.

One Heart One Soul

Made before the break of dawn, one soul is split apart,
But never fully separate, is the rhythm of the heart.

Born in different places, are these cast away spirit twins,
As distance captures ages, their loneliness builds within,

Searching for each other, the missing part of them,
Heartbeats ever glowing, will search until the end.

Empathy flow directed, weaving thoughts now caught together,
Pulling each other closer, distance wanes by unseen tether.

Two lonely souls searching, refusing to be alone,
Destiny plays its part, as they make their way home.

First meeting is recognition, two souls who seek each other,
Empathic beings now bonded, and dedicated to one another.

Souls re-merge forthwith, embraced by timeless light,
Come to rest a moment, before the day is night.

Long have they journeyed, and long have they to go,
For forever is the mystery, of two empathic souls.

Discussion never questioned, together they are one,
Bound to passions guiding them, never to be shunned.

From looks an understanding, conversations without a word,
Thoughts agreed in whispers, never by others heard.

Reflections in the water, pooled in mirrored eyes,
Unbreakable connection, that paints their sunlit skies.

Rest now my spirit’s flower, rest before the night,
On tomorrow’s new horizon, our wings they do take flight.

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