Friday, October 24, 2014

Social Collapse

Social Collapse

In global arenas of thought and mind,
Moments and opinions, locked in a bind.
Comments get ugly, coarse and rind,
Humanity’s so empty, and hard to find.

Ego inflated leaders, on mountains looking down,
piling on the wounds, they burn us to the ground.
As the valleys fill with water, the lifeboats are all broken,
forbidden to speak of things, your masters have all spoken.

Neighbours that you thought you knew, have begun to point their fingers,
scared to death of the shadow men, and the fear that seems to linger.
I find myself alone at night, with pandemonium all around.
and then the door busts open, “freeze! Don’t make a sound!”

The neighbours gather outside your door, the SS dogs are barking,
you have a new identity, from all the Labels and markings.
Friends and family abandoned you, believing what they’re told,
never even investigating, the lies that they were sold.

They’ve trashed your house, ruined your life, and taken your computer,
then carry you out, guns a waving, leaving everything to the looters.
It seems the crimes committed, came from outside the box,
you’re not allowed to organize, think or allowed to talk.

Supremism fills the nation, on a witch-hunt they go,
their minds have all been taken, focused on imagined foe.
The rhetoric shifts to global change and total eradication,
whatever happened to society, and this mighty great nation?

It’s hard to understand the ignorance, it all becomes nightmarish,
when political's take your rights away, societies fall and perish.

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