Sunday, June 4, 2017



Sanctuary awaits weary travelers on forest roads,
where natures energy rains down on tattered souls,
to wash away the crippling pain inflicted by mechanical cities.

Steel bars fade from sight and open eyes,
while muscles drift with each relaxing breath,
confusion dissipates in the gentle breeze…

Awareness mingles with enlightenment,
and expands with excitement across fields of light,
where angelic beacons guide our essence through onyx clusters,
to take us home.

Home to the glittering fountain of light that gave birth to our existence, we but magnetic ink flickering before the god of consciousness are absorbed in radiance and made whole again with promise of return.

2nd Draft - June 06, 2017

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Last War is upon us…

The Last War is upon us…

Malevolent shadows consume the land like a swarm of locusts; a plague of darkness cast by a diseased umbra of death across the world with it’s cold, dark, festering pit of gluttonous greed. It descends on mankind with ravenous appetite, unleashed by hell to destroy all moral value. It is a plague that consumes all souls in its perverse fire of greed, lust and hatred…poison spread by the diseased veins of media, military and governance to seize the thoughts of consciousness…time has collapsed into a nightmare, as blood soaked lands smoulder in fire and smoke. The eternal city, now cast in chains, is marked for death by the Satanic beast…Jerusalem is under attack and calls to all in defence…the last war is upon us…

Here is a song and music video that expresses these thoughts very well...

STEVE HACKETT - Behind The Smoke

About this expression: The powers of the Western World have consolidated their economic and military plans with evil belligerent regimes in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and Turkey. Their objective has been to destroy the unity and peaceful spiritual mosaic of the region by sowing the seeds of division through planned and coordinated violence on the people within the independent nations of Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Palestine.

In the case of Palestine, the successive Zionist governments of Israel, have, since 1947, hidden their ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people through a coordinated western media blackout that has kept the ordinary citizens in western countries in the dark about what is really happening in Palestine…

The descendants of Palestine have lived there since before the time of Christ and make up Jews, Christians and Muslims. But it wasn’t until 1917 that European Zionists were given the promise of a homeland by the Balfour Declaration

Britain and France who were the eventual colonial victors of World War I, carved up the defeated Ottoman Empire with the Sykes Picot agreement in 1916 and in 1917 the official promise of a homeland in Palestine was made to European Zionist’s in the Balfour Declaration…that’s when the trouble in Palestine began and indeed the Middle East…

As for Today…

The immoral position of western nations today, is to back the Zionist state unconditionally and turn a blind eye on reality while the Zionist army commits genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Arab people in Palestine. It is a crime against humanity, morally wrong and an intentional crime of negligence…it sickens me to the point of outrage…and now that the US is calling for Jerusalem to become the capital of Israel, the Zionists have entered the last stage of a 100 year process of eliminating Palestine and the indigenous Arab people of the region from existence…this is the last phase in the ethnic cleansing of descendants who walked with prophets of God as they are now threatened by extinction from the Holy Land…

It is time for the people of the world to stand up against Zionism publicly, but especially the Jewish people in the western nations because the crimes being committed by the Zionists are being committed in the Jewish peoples name and that brings with it a re-occurrence of misdirected hatred, but this time on a global scale…

The barbaric regimes in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey are backed by the powerful western nations and the brute force of NATO. They are all directly responsible for the genocide of the Yemeni, Libyan, Iraqi and Syrian people through the creation of mercenary and terrorist armies that have been unleashed with the sole purpose of the total destruction of those nations...what is that but pure evil…

The belligerent, repressive and parasitic regimes of Israel, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, France, Qatar and Turkey are knee deep in blood by their direct involvement in the mass murder of millions of men, women, and children…they must be stopped by all means by the good people of the world…we must rise together and put an end to these extremely evil crimes before their insanity spreads or there simply will not be a World left to live in…

Wahhabism, Zionism, and The Muslim Brotherhood are violent extremist organizations that bare the marks of the satanic beast that resides in the banking memes within Washington, London, and Paris…their war on the holy land must be met by an empathic coalition of human beings from all over the world …

Should Satan be allowed to claim the Holy City? NO! Absolutely NOT! 

Monday, May 1, 2017



Words are lost in a sea of voices, as we all become fractal albino’s in chatrooms filled with the hearing impaired…

…the sign of the times…

About this Expression: It seems that many people on social media are talking at each other with political opinions that they believe are unassailable, yet at the same time, they become deaf when someone else presents an inconvenient truth that threatens to shatter their illusions...when we all just talk at each other with a closed mind, we become disconnected in a crowded house...Remember that not everyone is on the same page when it comes to understanding the bigger picture...keep your mind open when conversing with others, because sometimes we might not have all the facts and they just might have something important to say...

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Song

My Song

My favourite song is playing again,
the music shifts back the years,
To faces and places that bring me home,
To the days we had no fears.

Traveling time to be with you,
To moments we lived forever.
Evenings filled with American Pie,
With Cheshire smiles endeavoured.

There was nothing then, we couldn’t do,
When we hung around together,
The world at large our modeling clay
Ours to mold and weather.

The roads exciting, we traveled far,
Our energy fast and strong,
those were the days, I remember well,
that come back to me in song.

Notes a brim with wine and roses,
Eternal promises meant to keep,
The days of smiling faces,
The days that make me weep.

I see you there, shining bright,
Defying time to end,
Old moments created, they’re with me now,
with the happiness that they send.
About this Poem: Music is a most giving experience that also has the power to transcend time. Songs can take us on a trip as if we just stepped into a conscious time machine where we go back to moments long ago to see faces and places while feeling the ambience of the time…moments that seem like yesterday.

Don McLean – American Pie

Tuesday, February 28, 2017



What becomes of humanity?

…When the planning for war takes precedence over the caring of our children…

Where are human values?

…When it is more important to save a corporation from bankruptcy than it is to save a community from corporate greed…

What becomes of the human soul?

…When authoritarian conditioning replaces empathic reasoning, moral principals and common sense…

Where lays humanity’s future?

…When we surrender our spiritual being to the voracious animal that lies within…

The Activist Poet
About this Expression:

Today people have been conditioned to accept the words and position of their authority figures instead of moral principals and common sense. Mankind has been enslaved by a sociopathic few. Yet it is entirely humanities fault for allowing the atrocities that have befallen the world to happen…because we have freely given our power and our trust to a soulless private banking and corporate meme who’s sole objective is to seek profit for themselves by whatever means necessary.

The corporate beast does not follow moral guidelines. It’s focused on only one thing, their bottom line. Decisions are made based on economics as corporations do not adhere to any moral principals…Its sole objective is profit, and the driver of it, is greed…

Once, there was a time when our communities were protected from predators. Our own human commitments to each other through organization and strength were based on a code of ethics and moral standing which was applied by common sense and empathy. These were the ruling guidelines that bonded all of us.

The natural laws given to us by our existence belong to all…and so our existence is due to the strength of our community. These facts are what allowed us to survive a millennium of constant upheaval.

Yet now in the age of corporate control, people who practice a return to the moral values of giving and sharing with each other, have been outlawed by the sociopathic few who control society with a corporate iron fist. They are monsters who write history in their ugly image while hypnotizing the masses with greedy illusions…

If humanity wakes up, it just might be too late as we are now facing our own extinction…

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Dancing Light

The Dancing Light

Grey skies shade my thoughts with sorrows,
My essence a prisoner of sadness,
hope uplifts all my tomorrows,
but realities drive me to madness.

A glow illuminates over the bog,
Gracefully waltzing out of reach,
It’s shadows shiver in the fog,
With lessons destined to teach.

The road ahead lingers fright,
My path revealed in dreams,
And when awakened by chill of night,
the light shines down in beams. 

I race to capture understanding,
Cumbrous weight denying me,
Yet the light ahead begins expanding,
and reveals the truth to me.

 About this Poem: "The Dancing Light" was inspired by a Piano composition called "Les danses de la lumière" by Russian Composer Vadim Kiselev. Here below is his beautiful composition and the links to his wonderful music.

Vadim Kiselev LINKS:

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