Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

Remembrance of war long ago,
fill these aging eyes,
essence gone flickers to life,
in grey November skies.

Silhouettes slowly moving,
parade my inner thoughts,
with Bayonets at ready,
emotions tied in knots.

Trenches filled with soldiers,
waiting for bombs to stop,
in search for some damned reason,
to charge over the top.

Reliving moments gone,
life passes before their sight,
apologies made for wrongs,
with wishes to make them right.

And then the truth comes knocking,
it rears its ugly head,
and paints astonished faces,
on all the soldiers dead.

In bloody mud and empathy,
lay the soldiers dreams,
another child forever lost,
to sick psychotic memes.

Lifeless now their bodies lay,
their spirits carry on,
lost amongst the shadows,
of the millions who were wronged.

The Citizens bought a story,
soldiers sent to die,
in someone else’s homeland,
the reasons just a lie.

Generals take their orders,
from economic forums,
receive another medal,
adding to decorum.

Final letters make it home,
all written months before,
carried to the grieving,
by a knock upon the door.

With promise to remember,
a day is set aside,
but hidden the real reason,
for why it is they died.

Today I do remember,
who’s lives for me were given,
but the bastards who sent them there,
will never be forgiven.
BY: The Activist Poet

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