Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Estuary of Life

Estuary of Life

Mist swells in perfect reflection on estuary's mirror,
held in place by the chill of the air.

Dawn peaks on the horizon,
its rays held back by rising fog.
Thrilled sounds of the geese are heard making ready,
as they offer their prayers to god above.
Echoes from the forest join their hymn,
as all make ready to greet a nebulous morning sky.

Excitement builds to hushed thunder,
by the beat of ten thousand wings,
in reply to the silence,
and a new song lifts into the air.

Hearts racing, beating faster in joy and jubilation,
they carry my spirit in tow,
raising me up with them in celebration of life,
a oneness with the universe,

and the river of life goes ever on.


Music brings image and emotion together in ones mind and as I reflect on the brilliant piece of music by Dirk Maasson “The River” I’m reminded of the Estuary of Life and the magic nature holds.

Dirk Maassen - River

Dirk Maassen – Official Website
Dirk Maassen - Bandcamp

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