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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In Tranquil Moments 3

In Tranquil Moments

In Tranquil Moments 2

In Tranquil Moments

In Tranquil Moments

In Tranquil Moments

When the air grows silent, hush away your tears,
Embrace the tranquil moments, let go of all your fears.

Empathic wisps of aire, make themselves known,
sending reassurance, to show you’re not alone.

Consciousness expands, passions life force spring,
listen to your heartbeat, and feel the angels sing.

Prayers of all the living, moments gather in the light,
uplifting souls in unity, to restore your inner sight.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spiritual Freedom

"Spiritual Freedom"

Globalization 2012

~ Destruction by Globalization ~


~ BIO-Fear ~
“Values Change for Survival” ~ Oren Lyons – Native American Faith Keeper

As the establishment continues down the current negative energy plain of greed and power, destruction will only multiply in scope and intensity to envelop the entire planet, and bring civilization to an end unless we change our values from negative to positive.

Since the establishment controls the direction of civilization and is unwilling to stop feeding off of negative energy, it will be up to as many of us as possible to change our own energy flow by stepping out of their system of controls to a way of life that is positive in all energy directions.

The race to destroy the planet will not stop unless the majority of people lift themselves out from under their establishment’s greedy negative energy mindset. This is the challenge to everyone on our planet today, and time is running out before all negative trends come together in a clash of war, civilization’s collapse, and death.

The more people that remain in the current pattern of negative energy, the quicker this time line will accelerate to its finality. Civilization is in decay because the foundations are based on lies, greed and power grabbing. It is not desirable to save this negative mathematical matrix of decay and yet when it does go down there will be a lot of pain. The question is will we survive and that depends on what the masses decide. If the majority of the Earths people choose to change their values from greed and lust for power to mutual cooperation and respect, we will change the direction of the negative to a positive in this mathematical matrix of life or death. It is entirely up to you what comes next. We need to change our reality…

Mindset’s and Habits Learned Early in Life

The negative energy matrix is extremely difficult to pull away from because we have been programmed from a very young age to embrace it and that there is no other way to live…but if we are going to save life on Earth, we need to use common sense and pull back from the direction of our collapsing society…Time is short now, as we see another war unfold before us…each individual must make a decision to break free from their fears and step away from the establishment’s economic system and program. Material things do not matter when health is at stake, only the positive energy of love can change the direction, so use this wisdom in your daily routines and repeat often so that it becomes a subconscious choice and direction.

Start interacting, communicating with each other and forming a social bond that helps you and your communities live without the monetary system or the programs that feed it.

Today’s system of government does not have the community’s survival at heart, they are concerned with maintaining a dying economic model and that brings with it all the wrong choices empowered by negative decisions and energy…it is doomed to fail.

Let go of your fears, and open your minds to positive energy and repeat mutual respect often until your subconscious mind is reprogrammed where decisions become instinct, all your internal battles will be won…replace the negative values with positive ones…

In Peace, Love, Empathy and Respect
Stewart Brennan

Wall Street 2012

~ Wall Street 2012 ~

On the Threshold of Dreams

"On the Threshold of Dreams"

Monday, September 17, 2012

St. Michael Slays the Demon

In the end of times, when a great distress flows through all nations to oppress the living and the dead, a great protector shall rise and show humanity how to slay their demons.

Shades of Gray

The battle for mind and soul takes form in many shades of gray.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brother Bear

Brothers of the Bear

Brothers of the Bear,
joined in spirit,
bring us together,
bridging worlds seen and unseen.

Sages of great medicine to the people,
healing the land, and the creatures upon it.
Come now, hear our song.

Brothers of the Bear Clan,
joined in spirit,
coming together from around the world,
from places seen and unseen.

Heal the land and the people upon it,
free their minds from greed,
come now, and we will sing together,
we are Brothers of the Bear.

Brothers of the Bear,
Spirit song and dance,
in worlds seen and unseen,
prepare the way for the cleansing,
and resurrect our past.

My deepest respects to the North American First Nations.

My offering of prayer in song as your brother and fellow human being, native to mother earth. I am far from my ancestors tribe, but connect to the spirit world here, where the circle unites us.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Respect is the path to peace and the foundation of civilization.

Forest Sanctuary

“The forest is a cathedral of dreams, and the essence of our sanctuary.”

Forest Sanctuary

I stand before the forest grove, my eyes reflect the tree’s,
connecting essence of its trove, that grows inside of me.

My spirit sings its silent prayers, in conscious energy,
Deep within the forest green, there lays infinity.

Aroma pines fill my lungs, the spice of birch, like tea,
Enchanting echoes of the finch, sing tranquility.

Woodland flowers paint the ground, and lead the way inside,
While Cardinals sing their distant song, and carry every stride.

The aura glows much brighter there, the further in I go,
Exhaling in slow motion, each breath becomes the flow.

Vibrations then do lift me, by forest deep in prayer,
A place of dreams and essence, a place serene and fair.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Riders on the Storm

An anxious hush descends on earth, as a swell of surging energy turns the world upside down, while we who watch from sanctuaries below, wait for evil spirits to pass in the night...

Riders on the storm (3rd Draft 2017 May 01)

Evil takes on form, in the rise of sudden storms,
to govern tempests spiraling at your door.
filling darkened skies, are windy banshee cries,
that brings a fearful shiver to your shore.

Playing with your mind, invasive and maligned,
A void of cold sets in from head to toe.
Angel rays appear, to cut through all the fear,
and chase the arctic shadow from your soul.

Darker skies now passed, new beginnings cast,
Our guardians have chased away the wraith.
Peace again on earth, life renews its hearth,
As hope returns to many without faith.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Empath’s Nebula"

The Source of healing energy is tapped by vision and shared by emotions thrust. Visualize that which needs healing and send your healing wishes towards it…smile. 8O)

“The Man on Fire”

Greed and envy will take you down the path to destruction, but so will anger, consume you in fire. Do not feed on negative energy else you become “The Man on Fire”.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Enlightenment is a bridge of empathy, creativity, and task; its encompassing light dissolves fears and darkness to usher in, purpose, destiny and understanding.


Time unravels in a blanket of fog where spiritual lessons emerge and descend from far off places in reflections of the world around us. They are moments woven and enmeshed in the fabric of time, and yet become solid thriving chapters in the book of me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“The Wave”

In an ocean of thoughts, trends lead to waves of thinking before they become reality.
Know that everything you have done throughout your life has prepared you for this moment. Rise to the occasion now and bring forth within you what was only dreamt in faraway places. Polish the buttons of experience on your suit of life; they are well earned medals of past experiences and accomplishments that serve you well in the spiral towards galactic eternity. Bring forth your smiles and let your eyes shine with the light that you are. Ride with the flow of energy to your destiny.


Monday, September 10, 2012

The World Through My Eyes: Snow Geese on Lake Massawippi

Video By: Stewart Brennan

Music By: Anastasi

In late autumn 2006 for about 8 weeks (November / December), my family and I experienced a once in a life time event when several hundred thousand snow geese descended on Lake Massawippi in Ayer’s Cliff Quebec…during the eight weeks the geese were with us, they greeted us everyday in the early morning hours from echoed song across the lake.

I had just started my new hobby in photography and for those eight weeks I would walk to the Lake before sunrise and up the mountain hills in the late afternoons to get a few pictures but also to immerse myself in the sounds coming off the lake and overhead.

Being exposed to what seemed like a pure source of rejuvenating energy had captured my whole being in heart, spirit and imagination.

Every morning the geese would greet the first rays of light in song, and would then begin preparations to leave the lake for a day of feeding in the mountain fields. The preparation and take off by the geese was nothing short of spectacular, and to empathic souls like myself, it brought an overwhelming wave of emotion with tears of pure joy.

Before these hundreds of thousands of snow geese took flight from the surface of the lake, they would move out in a huge cresent that covered the bay and then take off in one quick burst of energy. There was a deep thunderous noise that carried across the lake over their song as their wings beat together and hit the water.

…as the snow geese flew overhead in their thousands I could feel their energy racing through me as it raised my heart rate was absolutely thrilling and gave me an energy and drive I never knew I had.

I was in the surrounding mountains with my camera when they left Lake Massawippi in late December for the last time …and I could actually feel that I was seeing them for the last time as I caught their last flight in the sunset over Brown’s Hill. Their absence in the days that followed pulled at me as if they were calling from some part of me that had left with them.

I left Ayer’s Cliff six months later and will always feel that god sent the snow geese to retrieve me for a new purpose of his choosing…I will never forget those amazing moments spent with the snow geese.


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