Friday, September 14, 2012

Riders on the Storm

An anxious hush descends below, as a swell of surging energy turns the world upside down, and we who watch from sanctuaries of mind wait for evil spirits to pass in the night...

Riders on the storm

Evil takes on form, in the rise of sudden storms,
to govern tempests spiraling at your door.
It fills unseasoned skies, with windy banshee cries,
And brings a fearful shiver to your shore.

Playing with your mind, invasive and maligned,
A void of cold sets in from head to toe.
Angel rays appear, to cut through all the fear,
and chase the arctic shadow from your soul.

Darker skies now passed, new beginnings are cast,
The heavens have washed away the rain.
Peace again on earth, life renews its hearth,
while tranquility absorbs all the pain.

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