Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forest Sanctuary

“The forest is a cathedral of dreams, and the essence of our sanctuary.”

Forest Sanctuary

I stand before the forest grove, my eyes reflect the tree’s,
connecting essence of its trove, that grows inside of me.

My spirit sings its silent prayers, in conscious energy,
Deep within the forest green, there lays infinity.

Aroma pines fill my lungs, the spice of birch, like tea,
Enchanting echoes of the finch, sing tranquility.

Woodland flowers paint the ground, and lead the way inside,
While Cardinals sing their distant song, and carry every stride.

The aura glows much brighter there, the further in I go,
Exhaling in slow motion, each breath becomes the flow.

Vibrations then do lift me, by forest deep in prayer,
A place of dreams and essence, a place serene and fair.

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