Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year's Message for the World

A New Year's Message for the World

Life is but a fleeting moment, a short period of time where everyone is engaged in a lifelong journey to seek the answers and reasons for why they are here. At the same time, it is important to build the foundations for a better world, to secure a future for our communities, which can only be achieved through unity.

We have yet to find agreement on the procedures on how to get there collectively even though the map is in everyone’s hands…

We learn from our mistakes and from each other, but today we are focused in trying to destroy each others illusion’s instead of building a bridge for our common bond in compassion, morality and vision of building a better world.

Patience…patience with the heart of empathy for all life, is the ultimate lesson we must learn if we are to lay the foundations of our future.

…and so, another year begins with an open mind in anticipation that the world will come together as one; to rebuild our communities with moral common sense and vision for the future as we eradicate the illnesses of greed and power that plague our minds.

One day we will return to the empathy that connects our essence to each other and the stars in the night sky…and on that day, everyone will understand and smile.

Happy New Year everyone!

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