Sunday, March 24, 2019

Across the River Styx

Across the River Styx

Misty mornings, coming to,
subconscious world on a ridge,
forest dead where once it grew,
above a rickety bridge.

The road ahead, where life must go,
through mists of truthful meaning,
a meeting place of life and death,
where the bridge of Styx is leaning.

Treading narrow paths of vision,
over raging rivers of before,
one missed step could spell your end,
and plunge you through the door.

To a meeting place where essence churns,
and truth may be revealed,
into the waters where memories burn,
and the ego is unconcealed.

Saturday, March 2, 2019



Peace and contentment,
answers in the rain,
washing sorrows from us,
to ease us from our pain.

A new day rises,
from the one that's fallen apart,
while darkness wanes to shadows,
comfort confirms the start.

It is a time of new beginnings,
a season of old ends,
a reason to remember,
a time to be with friends.

...and there upon the crest of dreams,
where conscious thoughts do flow,
awaits for you the golden key,
that makes your essence glow.

For in a world of new beginnings,
is a place that never ends,
internal, it is calling,
for you to make amends.

This Poem was inspired by “Carillon”, a beautiful song by David Ian Roberts

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