Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cycles Pass and Fade

Cycles Pass and Fade is a Poem about the cycle of life, the clash of thought, and mans amnesia of his past. Inspired by the song “Wicker Man” by Damh the Bard, and also Michael Ruppert and his PRN Radio show “The LifeBoat Hour”

The first draft of this poem was written and released on January 6th, 2014 under the Title “Clashing thoughts in Worlds Unseen”…I wasn’t satisfied with it and so I rewrote it on June 27th, 2015 and included the new title; “Cycles Pass and Fade”.

Cycles Pass and Fade

Hear the drummers drumming, the rhythm of the fold,
feel your heartbeat rising, to forgotten thoughts of old.

Wrapped in shrouds of dusk, and scarves of brilliant light,
moving fast, unfolding plains, reflections in the night.

Shining eyes through hooded cloaks, determined in defiance,
thin lined expressions smile, held back in non-compliance.

The air is thick with vision, prophetic thoughts to gorge,
Crashing on benighted shores, the warnings were ignored.

Moving in the shadows, enlightened whispers flow,
Empathic streams of healing, against the night they glow.

Waiting champions rise, holding oaths to advancing legions,
thoughts in light and darkness, confronting forgotten reasons.

Audacious, bold and fearless, in confidence, promise made,
like declarations made before them, they wither, pass and fade.

Cycles come and cycles go, new life takes its place,
the siege engulfs all history, the old ones leave no trace.

Yet still the waves of apathy, flood the minds of men,
who never see the eschaton, that spells their mortal end.

Stewart Brennan

Inspired by the song “Wicker Man” by Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard – World United Music


Also Inspired by Michael C. Ruppert and the LifeBoat Hour

In Memory of Michael C. Ruppert (1951 – 2014)

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