Monday, December 30, 2013

Freedom Pending

Freedom Pending
Dark clouds born of ignorance weigh down on mankind’s progress toward evolution as he struggles to see beyond his self imposed limits of mind…imprisoned by his disconnection from the source, he stands alone in fractal bits, isolated by the fears he has collected in broken thoughts that have built his reasoning…only in complete harmony with the Earth will the light shine through to free his mind, spirit and soul.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Corporate Plague

The Corporate Plague

They came well dressed in suits and ties,
they owned the earth through greed and lies.

they made their rules, enforced controls.
and claimed the land on fancy scrolls,

repulsive breed has all deceived,
consumed all life in schemes they weaved.

spreading fast are poisoned souls,
who licence greedy corporate goals.

misled people refuse to see,
embrace the madness to let them be.

corporate rule should not be embraced,
for life on earth can’t be replaced.

so now it comes to sorrows decree,
starvation, disease and poverty.

they’ll make us pay while we ignore,
these profit centers on the poor.

the corporate plague that covers earth,
declares mankind has little worth.

our apathy will not bring change,
while glued to New York’s stock exchange.

now’s our chance to break on free,
before the banks make their decree.

in bailouts forced by proclamation,
private banks will own your nation.

and they’re the one’s who’ll make us pay,
to burden us with their decay.

once we drop the growing fear,
the road ahead is crystal clear.

refuse their greed and pollutions,
time to reach for real solutions.

reverse their drive of growing size,
change the laws and nationalize.

return all lands the bankers stole,
rebuild community is the goal.

About this Poem: (Edit Date: 2020 Mar 13)

The people of the World have been dispossessed of their natural rights to live freely on this planet. We are debt slaves in a world run by monsters who have taken control of all our communities through an economic system which they control. Today, corporations are considered “Persons”, who’ve been given carte blanche to wage war on people and communities to get what they want. They are nothing but a plague of locusts…A Corporate Plague…

Tuesday, October 8, 2013



End of days, end of nights,
countless spirits taking flight,
searching in searching out,
time will tell what life’s about.

Internal will, external might,
suppressing dark, embracing light,
in sinful new and sinful old,
forgiving burdens to unfold.

Healing wrongs, making right,
learning life in second sight,
earthly souls, mortal deeds,
moments gather endless needs.

Reaching lows, finding heights,
mortal battles, endless fights,
keeping balance, ending sins,
finds the guiding light within.
2nd Edit 2020 Mar 06

Standing up to Face the Storms that come your way, ushers in Freedom of mind and soul.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Living Moments

In Living Moments

Graceful thoughts descend on me, from a time not long ago,
Flowing from the well of life, they heal my sadness so.
Memories filled with happiness, from the days that passed me by,
In the days we lived forever, our souls they touched the sky,

In a world once grand and living, our dreams were full of life,
Empathic souls so giving, no one lived in strife.  
We sang of hope and tenderness, the good things that we would do,
Enacting all our feelings, to build the world a new.

Recalling the last days hence, when we drifted far apart,
Ending all our building, and the things that we did start.
Time has slowly consumed us all, and left our deeds forsaken,
Its forests are so blind and dense, but our memories are not taken.

Time is moving slowly now, out of phase with everything,
It’s echoed in old voices, and the songs that we did sing.
Memories filled with distance, recalled in waning years,
Fill me with a melancholy, as my eyes well up with tears.

Words forever lasting, our bonds will never break,
Distant memories tied together, in the light that we did make.
So come forward now enlightened ones, take root in family trees,
Let's sing our world to building, let's paint for all to see.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 
Day is night, and night is day, blending worlds into grey
White is Black and Black is white the politicians say.
Good is bad and bad is good leaving me in wonder
Why invading corporate armies have us all asunder.
Parasitic parties, diseased with cancer stems,
Feeding on leprous money, the corruption never ends.
Political pigs fattened, always smiling in the trough
Watch them cough and sputter, they really piss me off.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.
Cash cow needles inserted, corporate lobbies and foreign IV,
feeding off the people, and billing them their fees.
Don’t be asking questions, they do not expect or see
watch our mainstream media, they dance, gurgle and plea.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.
Gathering opinions silenced, unheard, ignored and condemned,
People plea for justice in a world that abolishes them.
Corporate interests covet, the sky, the land and sea,
They pay the politicians, who give it to them free
How will the children function in the world that’s given to them
in illustrious immortal castles, disappearing in the end.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Noble Victories Be Not Still

Noble Victories Be Not Still

In darkest places when night is high,
Forward come dark minions nigh.
Thunder ground and air so shrill,
Replacing slumber and peaceful still.

Conscience now awakened, searching for the light,
Quickly trampled underground, by demons in the night.
Warning sounds echo, from guarded mountain tops,
Waking restful souls from sleep, to help them make it stop.

Battles build to outrage, as the people defend their homes,
Millions mourn the victims, of the bloody plight of Rome.
Watching eyes eternal, good people vigilant with pride,
Weep before their gods of light, for the many that have died.

Screams of outrage rise, the world over do they burn,
Startled leaders grapple, with the force that people churn.
Voices forward thrust, forceful, right and noble,
Collective conscience rises, a presence vast and global.

The enemies of mankind, commanding demons from their towers,
Stepping back humiliated, the people's finest hour.
Stay attentive and be not restful, deceived or weak,
Mankind’s enemies lust with greed, and forever does it seek.

For deceitful lies in webs cast, for money land and power,
Lay disguised and hidden, just waiting for their hour.

Friday, September 27, 2013



Distant voices shaking,
escape opacity's wrath,
seeking inner fires,
that light upon the path.

While shadows trapped in twilight,
allude with malintent,
striking fears attention,
on souls that they torment.

Shapes come into forum,
as sleep awakens night,
panic builds momentum,
and hides just out of sight.

Heartbeat races faster,
charged and full of flight,
while darkness wanes to question,
and run instead of fight.

Scenes adrift unfolding,
consciousness aware,
empathic visions capture,
the essence that is there.

Enlightened soul now present,
fears have all been slain,
morning breaks the silence,
and removes you from the plain.
2nd Edit 2020 Mar 06

About this Poem: Nightmares conquered 

Conspiracy Imagination

 Conspiracy Imagination

Imagine there’s no promised land,
for obedient economic slaves
No hellish place to be threatened with,
for those that don’t behave.

Imagine there’s no borders, or TSA with jobs
No more intruding police states, or programs for a mob

Imagine no religions with dogmas set on vile
Imagine all respecting life with common sense for a while

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,

there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.

Imagine living life, free from consumer debt.

Freedom from taxation, or rental signs to let.
Can you think or ponder, or even Imagine that?
No more slave labour, credit cards, bills or VAT

Imagine living in a world, where peace is undemanding
A world that dreams and prospers in hope and understanding 

Imagine education, being creative, open and free
replacing corporate programs that box us in with fees

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,
there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.

Imagine focused vision, and reaching for the stars
Built by intuition and trust to raise the bars.
Economic freedom is the only way to go
Rebuilding civilization to function as a whole

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,
there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection
Connecting places lost within,
Walking paths that never dim.
Empathic thoughts, restful mind,
Healing powers for you to find.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Forbidden Places

Forbidden Places

Forbidden places, of detention,
Forbidden gatherings, in ascension,
Forbidden gospels, of invention,
Forbidden Libraries, never mentioned.

Forbidden wealth, in retention
Forbidden shares, of exemption
Forbidden knowledge, without attention
Forbidden sight, for prevention

Forbidden actions, joyful expressions.
Forbidden feelings, secret dimensions.
Forbidden impulses, hidden extensions.
Forbidden thoughts, awarded pensions.

Forbidden light, youthful conception.
Forbidden truth, internal Intellection.
Forbidden lies, smiling redemption.
Forbidden power, darkest intention.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hidden Castles

Hidden Castles
Morning light, evening hallows
Fading scenes, cast in shadows
Themes unfold, twilight ridden
Exposing throngs in Castles hidden.

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds

Fractal Spirits

Fractal spirits captured in worlds in between

Forest Entity

Forest Entity

Spiritual Flow

Spiritual Flow

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Matrix

Autumn Matrix

Harvest Sunset

Harvest Sunset

Oxygen 02



Wednesday, September 4, 2013


An Ancient Saying:

“The moon is a ship that sails across the sky, growing in size and radiant intensity as it collects the souls of the dead until full, when it then releases graceful souls into heaven and retreats to begin the cycle all over again.”

It is written that God paints the sky with his intentions and reveals to those willing to listen…and then, he comes to you one night and whispers your name, “Awaken”…


The sound of a far off and distant cry captured my thoughts pulling me into the twilight plains of wonder.

Awaking dreams enveloped my being with thoughts of endless light by captured emotions connected by hidden sirens and distant cries…coming ever closer, and urging me forward.

Growing louder, the sound of a great flock drew near as I watched the moments unfold before me, and with singular unknown purpose and graceful moves, held up by the breath of God, they arrived at the place of his choosing.

My soul, not long awakened and reborn in truth, stood at a crossroads unsure of what lay before me as the graceful entity spiraled down to the lake for the first time.

Heart filled excitement raced within me as emotions thrust forward reaching out to embrace a collective of empathic souls; I knew inside that I must leave here with them…Beckoned by thoughts afar, expressed by a million voices…these living souls with varying purpose, and singular thought spoke to me.  “It is time.”

A crash of thunder echoed behind beating wings as millions rise as one into the sunset from a land of despair, comforting my racing heart through empathic vision. Crescent sails in the darkening sky fills with light and awaiting souls, carried on wings made by God.

Millions of shining lights rising as one in great brilliance, illuminating the darkness and leaving burdens behind, carrying one more soul with them. Soaring into the heavens, filling my heart and soul with warmth and light, my eyes opened…the sleeper has awakened!

Search your soul and ask yourself…”are you prepared to stand against the evils of the World?”

Let us make that stand and together we shall unite our communities for Truth, Justice, and moral values by eliminating the evil controls upon them.

If you should accept, I will swear my oath to you…on my family’s name.
The World is at a Crossroads…it is Time for the awakened to make a stand.

Stewart Francis Brennan


Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Awakening

The Awakening

I sat there and watched the sun set on a World that would be forever changed. Deep within, thoughts wrestled emotions, not believing, yet perceiving the end of an era, as I watched the astral sky descend into night…a planetary alignment not seen in an age, engaged my rhythms and pulled me in.

A shield arose within me cast in light by thought as feelings merged…sword enflamed, clasped right handed in oath for peace, and justice would prevail.

Empathic vision in lands unseen by will of thought traversed by polar attraction; It was the moment to right all wrongs; the time had come for all good people to rise, to unite against those profiteers that laid siege to our World.

Thoughts spoken, and anxious moments energized by unseen forces, pushed me forward. The matrix growing stronger within, laid waste my previous life. Weak from wrongs committed by addiction, I cast off the shell of the old World…memory now cleared of plastic platitudes, and binary vision.

I roamed the country in deep thought, searching, learning as new life does. Changes within, in anticipation, so slow, but always on time…I explored and visited every untied thought that made up my life, and wrote the book of me.

Layer after layer laden in lies taught, peeled away as the foundations within grew in light. Truth lay hidden, no longer.

All was filtered by Eyes wide open, sifting light from darkness and into wealth that became my soul. I moved forward, day-by-day, growing in knowledge, and in wisdom, to the rhythm, to the truth…revelation of the days ahead. I have awakened!

The drums beat within my heart, my spirit soared with eagles, internal rhythm's forever changed by the wisdom unfolding within me.

Truth begets Freedom…and Peace, ushers in Love, Light & Tranquility!

I have awakened…

Stewart Brennan

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Autumn Skies 05

Autumn Skies


Autumn Skies 04

Autumn Skies


The Dawn of a New Age

The Dawn of a New Age

The dawn of a new age is at hand…you can either go down with an empty ship or build your own lifeboat with a plan for the future…to survive, use common sense as your rudder, respect as your compass, empathy for your sails and community as your destination…



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Arrival 02


Sorcerer Busy at Work

Sorcerer Busy at Work

Twilight Setting

Twilight Setting

Darker Days 03

Darker Days

Spirits in Waiting

Spirits in Waiting

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Idle No More

The World is Waking Up and its People are "Idle No More".
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