Friday, December 6, 2013

The Corporate Plague

The Corporate Plague

An ill wind blew, to announce their coming,
Over the hills, they came running.

Claiming Earth with fancy scrolls,
They made their rules, enforced controls.

Anxious moments, freedom in shock,
All our rights to the land now blocked.

Nightmares waken, our mothers cry,
Wars created where children die.

Heartless creatures from the abyss,
Engulfed in flames, extending fists.

They Devour spirit to feed their own,
extinguish hope to preserve a throne.

Their vision of promise is lush in illusions,
Their minds so sick and rife with delusions.

They came well dressed in suits and ties,
They burned the earth with greed and lies.

They steal our homes and take our land,
Force our communities to disband.

Woe come the Locusts of greed,
Consuming all life on the paths they feed.

Spreading fast these infected souls,
Content to empower corporate goals.

My eyes are open to chaos descending,
Mankind’s headed for a bitter ending.

Such painful visions, I refuse to see,
So I close my eyes, where there is just me.

About this Poem: (Edit Date: 2016 may 28)

Greedy Psychopaths have claimed the Earth by creating laws meant for their own benefit and profit. They’ve built institutions, corporations, and militaries to enforce their greedy claims and are never content with what they have taken…and so the people of the World have been dispossessed of their natural god given rights to exist in freedom. We are debt slaves in a world run by demons from hell. Today, their established corporations are considered “Persons” in the USA, who wage war to disposes lands and economics that do not belong to them. They are nothing but a plague of locusts…A Corporate Plague…

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