Friday, December 6, 2013

The Corporate Plague

The Corporate Plague

They came well dressed in suits and ties,
they owned the earth through greed and lies.

they made their rules, enforced controls.
and claimed the land on fancy scrolls,

repulsive breed has all deceived,
consumed all life in schemes they weaved.

spreading fast are poisoned souls,
who licence greedy corporate goals.

misled people refuse to see,
embrace the madness to let them be.

corporate rule should not be embraced,
for life on earth can’t be replaced.

so now it comes to sorrows decree,
starvation, disease and poverty.

they’ll make us pay while we ignore,
these profit centers on the poor.

the corporate plague that covers earth,
declares mankind has little worth.

our apathy will not bring change,
while glued to New York’s stock exchange.

now’s our chance to break on free,
before the banks make their decree.

in bailouts forced by proclamation,
private banks will own your nation.

and they’re the one’s who’ll make us pay,
to burden us with their decay.

once we drop the growing fear,
the road ahead is crystal clear.

refuse their greed and pollutions,
time to reach for real solutions.

reverse their drive of growing size,
change the laws and nationalize.

return all lands the bankers stole,
rebuild community is the goal.

About this Poem: (Edit Date: 2020 Mar 13)

The people of the World have been dispossessed of their natural rights to live freely on this planet. We are debt slaves in a world run by monsters who have taken control of all our communities through an economic system which they control. Today, corporations are considered “Persons”, who’ve been given carte blanche to wage war on people and communities to get what they want. They are nothing but a plague of locusts…A Corporate Plague…

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