Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shoe Shocked

Shoe Shocked

Sun shining bright, what a beautiful day,
perfect weather for a stroll by the bay.

I pick up my shoes, and pick up my socks,
then gasp in horror, I’m in complete shock.

My right shoe wounded, has two holes on one side,
“I can’t be seen in these, I have my pride!”

I look at the boot rack, old dusty runners there,
with their heals lop sided, a rip and a tear.

I’ll try to look casual as I go shopping for shoes,
My two holed loafers, will have to do.

I arrive at the store, to a frenzy and sale,
the showroom’s crowded, I cannot fail.

I’ll have to hurry and get to the racks,
before they’re all gone, they’re not charging the tax.

There’s so many shoes, that I do not like,
the worst were the blues and yellows with pink stripes.

I found ones I like, but they’re not in my size,
Black loafers, cushioned soles, laces and ties.

I search the rack from top to bottom,
but where my size should be, they haven’t got-em.

Looking down, I’m not happy,
the holes now bigger, my shoes look crappy.

I swallow my pride, and asked for assistance,
bowing my head, to my vanity’s insistence.

The salesperson smiles, and asks what I need,
I point to the rack, where my shoes should be.

“I’m sorry sir, we’re all out of stock,”
“Let me check the back, and take a gawk.”

But there below stores counter, are the shoes in my size,
The sales clerk smiles, “You’ve got good eyes.”

I try one on, my elation discrete,
the shoe fits perfect, I’m now complete.

I pay for the shoes, and make for the door,
Thank the salesman and leave the store.

Arriving home, content with my day,
I plan for my walk, down near the bay.

I take out new loafers, gosh they look neat,
but the shoes that I bought, have two left feet.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings

Standing in my expensive flat,
empty is my kitchen VAT.
Landlord bills I cannot pay,
those that knock I hush away.

Breath is visible, nose is froze,
numb and cold are my toes.
Power flickers, the extension ends,
No ones left, that I call friends.

Watching from my window above,
Policemen giving homeless a shove.
Gathered around a barrel of fire,
Hobo faces looking dire.

Fluttering wings catch my eyes,
attention gathers in the skies.
Starlings flock and dance on air,
Never needing hope or prayer.

Lucky are the birds I see,
who come and go as they please.
Nature’s garden, berry and seed,
even winter gives them feed.

Oh how happy the birds do seem,
huddled around that chimney’s beam.
No taxes nor rent or debt to pay,
they are free to roam the Earth today.

Here inside my mind goes blank,
the birds don’t seem to need a bank.
If only I had wings on me,
I too then, could be free.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Sage in Song and Silence

A Sage in Song and Silence

Mirthless skies did greet me, on my daily stroll today,
The breeze was brisk and biting, with the occasional ravens fray.

Not all was sad and gloomy, as a ray of light crept through,
Its warm rays gave me comfort, against the greyish hue.

There just in the distance, an old tree was in my sight,
Its presence was like a beacon, and called me to its light.

Drawn towards this earthly Sage, sounds grew in the air,
I strained to block a ravens page, for a voice serene and fair.

Her soothing song rolled on the wind, such pleasant tones so subtle,
And there she was under the tree, in her arms a child she cuddled.

Content for rest I then sat down, and became a gracious observer,
Watching from not far away, I smiled, and listened further.

“Come back to me my little one, come back to mother so”,
And then a coo would follow, by her angel all a glow.

The woman paused a moment, and smiled with radiant aura,
The child smiled back, in swaddling cloth, made of soft Angora.

But soon deep sleep did follow, baby’s eyes slowly closed,
And the mother continued singing, as if sleep she was opposed.

Autumn was not too distant, but the leaves began to fall,
Such unseasonable weather, this time of year in Montreal.

The tree that she was under, seemed advanced for winters sleep,
Then glancing towards the mother’s eyes, I noticed she began to weep.

Her voice became more focused, as I sat there puzzled in wonder,
Then more leaves fell upon them both, from the tree that they were under.

Once again the baby’s smile, ceased the woman’s tears,
The baby’s laugh emerged so bright, to retreat the mother’s fears.

All the while circling above, a raven burst out in song,
It’s guttural caw filled the air, with a sound that didn’t belong.

Darkness swooping down on wings, clasping branches with a squeal,
It peered below with selfish eyes, anxious for the soul to steal.

Its shadow blocked all the light, like the calm before a storm,
A chill sent down the tree once more, the air no longer warm.

The baby’s smile disappeared, eyes closed once again,
The ravens caw grew louder, as if pleased in all the pain.

The silence that soon did follow, was broken by melodic words,
I began to understand now, and scared away the bird,

More leaves they did tumble, as the tree was almost bare,
And underneath its swaddling cloth, a waiting smile was there.

Friday, January 23, 2015

One Heart One Soul

A Poem about Soul Mates.

One Heart One Soul

Made before the break of dawn, one soul is split apart,
But never fully separate, is the rhythm of the heart.

Born in different places, are these cast away spirit twins,
As distance captures ages, their loneliness builds within,

Searching for each other, the missing part of them,
Heartbeats ever glowing, will search until the end.

Empathy flow directed, weaving thoughts now caught together,
Pulling each other closer, distance wanes by unseen tether.

Two lonely souls searching, refusing to be alone,
Destiny plays its part, as they make their way home.

First meeting is recognition, two souls who seek each other,
Empathic beings now bonded, and dedicated to one another.

Souls re-merge forthwith, embraced by timeless light,
Come to rest a moment, before the day is night.

Long have they journeyed, and long have they to go,
For forever is the mystery, of two empathic souls.

Discussion never questioned, together they are one,
Bound to passions guiding them, never to be shunned.

From looks an understanding, conversations without a word,
Thoughts agreed in whispers, never by others heard.

Reflections in the water, pooled in mirrored eyes,
Unbreakable connection, that paints their sunlit skies.

Rest now my spirit’s flower, rest before the night,
On tomorrow’s new horizon, our wings they do take flight.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Spiral of life

A Poem that expresses life

The Spiral of life

Life is truly a budding flower,
from moments first form,
to blossom and bloom,
retreating only once,
to wither and bow graciously,
returning to, from which it came.

Time repeats a garden of flowers,
in meadows, a symphony.
They dance with sun and moonlit skies,
and crest beneath the stars,
for the spiral repeats in everything

Life is truly a baby born,
from moments taken by eyes engaged,
to blossom and bloom,
retreating, only once,
to grow old and bow graciously,
returning to, from which it came.

Time repeats the budding soul,
in family trees, a symphony.
They dance with sun and moonlit skies,
and crest beneath the stars,
for the spiral repeats in everything…

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Minstrel

The Minstrel

The howling wind gave a menacing air, to the winter’s coldest night,
It sent a shiver and trembling, like an omen before the plight.

Then suddenly a knock and shadow, drew attention to everyone’s sight,
Slowly the Inn’s door opened, as the Minstrel stepped into the light.

With sobering Calm and with a smile, he threw off his lute and cloak,
The candle flickered at his table, as he called for drink and smoke.

He sat down on a wooden chair, his pipe in his left hand,
A well deserved rest now, from his travels across the land.

Tell us what you’ve heard my man, tell us all a tale,
Tell us of the tallest ships, and where they set their sails.

The Minstrel smiled back, through the smoke and embers of his pipe,
He swung his lute across his chest, and gave the frets a wipe,

As they Gathered around his table, coins appeared in front of him,
For tonight they would hear new stories, and songs that never dim.

The Minstrel nodded gracefully, and began to strum a tune,
The Inn then fell quite silent, as he held the attentive room.

Have you heard of the tyrant mayor, the ruler of the land,
Or the fate of the rising people, who together made a stand.

Rebellion was in the air, from the heavy burden on them all,
When the people rose and spoke as one, the mayor he did fall.

Be so ever thoughtful, to the power one does hold,
And be so ever attentive, to those entrusted with your gold.

The tavern burst in merriment, happy with the travelers song,
Faces brimmed with acknowledgement, the Minstrel wasn’t wrong.

Tunes of fallen empires, songs of lost love retold,
He played into the early hours, till the morning did unfold.

Night after night he stayed at the Inn, until it was time for him to go,
He packed his things, gathered his gifts, and hung his lute in tow.

When the bard came over to divvy up, the keeper smiled and said,
Thank you for the service sir, no charge for the room and bed.

The Minstrel smiled and nodded his head, and thanked his gracious host,
Then he stepped out of the doorway, as the wind swept away his ghost.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You Have Awakened

 You Have Awakened

If one is truly able to awaken from the illusions of their modern day captivity, they will automatically see both the beauty and the ugliness of the World and will choose to live out the rest of their time here on this planet in spiritual harmony before travelling onto the next realm of consciousness.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Shadow Empire

Shadow Empire
Three Empires Falling Down
Pulling everyone to the ground
France, and Britain, and USA II
Crashing empires already doomed
Who does profit, who does linger,
Can Gold disappear at the snap of a finger?
Open the windows, draw back the shades,
Let’s have a look, at who controls the age.
History’s accountants scribble in books,
They blot the page to hide the crooks.
When public's rage greet institutions,
Increased deceptions are bank solutions.
Lunatics emerge, they send in their best,
Professional hitmen to crush the rest.
Corporate bombs, bullets and tanks,
My how profits do soar in the banks…

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Foundations Cracked and Broken

Foundations Cracked and Broken

When the trees bleed, and logic is wrath,
Be wary of the crooked path.
Feel the intent, the signs will linger,
Death comes from the pointed finger.

Established shadows behind closed doors,
Plan false flags to deceive the poor,
Raging political wind up toys,
Talking nonsense, truth destroyed.

Cartel medias capture the mind,
Schools of thought for the blind,
Twisted stories paint the lies,
Hidden agendas in disguise.

A testament to Foundations Cracked and Broken,
Your authority figures have all spoken.
Lead not in their temptation,
But seek in truth for your salvation.

When civilization and the way of life depend on a system of exponential growth that destroys the community, environment, human rights, and its people; when poverty, division and corruption are legislated into law by iron fisted corrupt lawmakers bent on filling their pockets with corporate bribes to usher in wars of aggression while claiming God is on their side, then we are part of a civilization built on foundations cracked and broken and doomed to die.

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Calm Before the Storm

The Calm Before the Storm

Existing in the conscious light, humble spirits stand so tall,
Sending premonitions, to break erected walls.

Worlds divide as truth descends, the demons crash and fade,
Unburdened from the darkness, pure vision is what remains.

Prepare yourselves in spirit, prepare and strengthen your mind,
Thunder will test your armour, for the battle you did find.

Breathe deep your moral soul, stand fast with all your wisdom,
Gathered on all sides of you, your comrades will not wither.

Silence is the air we breathe, in the calm before the storm,
Awakened souls pure of heart, we rise and take on form.

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