Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If I Had Wings

If I Had Wings

Standing in my expensive flat,
empty is my kitchen VAT.
Landlord bills I cannot pay,
those that knock I hush away.

Breath is visible, nose is froze,
numb and cold are my toes.
Power flickers, the extension ends,
No ones left, that I call friends.

Watching from my window above,
Policemen giving homeless a shove.
Gathered around a barrel of fire,
Hobo faces looking dire.

Fluttering wings catch my eyes,
attention gathers in the skies.
Starlings flock and dance on air,
Never needing hope or prayer.

Lucky are the birds I see,
who come and go as they please.
Nature’s garden, berry and seed,
even winter gives them feed.

Oh how happy the birds do seem,
huddled around that chimney’s beam.
No taxes nor rent or debt to pay,
they are free to roam the Earth today.

Here inside my mind goes blank,
the birds don’t seem to need a bank.
If only I had wings on me,
I too then, could be free.

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