Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Sage in Song and Silence

A Sage in Song and Silence

Mirthless skies did greet me, on my daily stroll today,
The breeze was brisk and biting, with the occasional ravens fray.

Not all was sad and gloomy, as a ray of light crept through,
Its warm rays gave me comfort, against the greyish hue.

There just in the distance, an old tree was in my sight,
Its presence was like a beacon, and called me to its light.

Drawn towards this earthly Sage, sounds grew in the air,
I strained to block a ravens page, for a voice serene and fair.

Her soothing song rolled on the wind, such pleasant tones so subtle,
And there she was under the tree, in her arms a child she cuddled.

Content for rest I then sat down, and became a gracious observer,
Watching from not far away, I smiled, and listened further.

“Come back to me my little one, come back to mother so”,
And then a coo would follow, by her angel all a glow.

The woman paused a moment, and smiled with radiant aura,
The child smiled back, in swaddling cloth, made of soft Angora.

But soon deep sleep did follow, baby’s eyes slowly closed,
And the mother continued singing, as if sleep she was opposed.

Autumn was not too distant, but the leaves began to fall,
Such unseasonable weather, this time of year in Montreal.

The tree that she was under, seemed advanced for winters sleep,
Then glancing towards the mother’s eyes, I noticed she began to weep.

Her voice became more focused, as I sat there puzzled in wonder,
Then more leaves fell upon them both, from the tree that they were under.

Once again the baby’s smile, ceased the woman’s tears,
The baby’s laugh emerged so bright, to retreat the mother’s fears.

All the while circling above, a raven burst out in song,
It’s guttural caw filled the air, with a sound that didn’t belong.

Darkness swooping down on wings, clasping branches with a squeal,
It peered below with selfish eyes, anxious for the soul to steal.

Its shadow blocked all the light, like the calm before a storm,
A chill sent down the tree once more, the air no longer warm.

The baby’s smile disappeared, eyes closed once again,
The ravens caw grew louder, as if pleased in all the pain.

The silence that soon did follow, was broken by melodic words,
I began to understand now, and scared away the bird,

More leaves they did tumble, as the tree was almost bare,
And underneath its swaddling cloth, a waiting smile was there.

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