Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raise Your Soul

Raise Your Soul

Investigation is a step to higher understanding
and the champion of conscious evolution.
Be not content on the unquestioned opinions enshrined by the fathoms of darkness.
For Ignorance enflamed, abounds in hatred
to fill mans heart with blindness and rage,
where shame is the one that chooses apathy with a diet of illusions
forsaking knowledge and truth.

Raise your soul in vision, empathy and love
to experience a growth in consciousness
ere your spirit stagnate, decay and die a thousand deaths.

Raise your soul…

The fall of mankind will come through his own greed and apathetic surrender to ignorance. Only through investigation, common sense and empathy will he obtain his salvation…

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rise Up


Rise Up
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
Leave those behind that are blind with madness,
Rise with consciousness, and heal the sadness.
Rise and find what your purpose was for,
Lift your humanity above those that wage war.
Project your empathy, heal the wounds,
Make your stand, so peace will come soon.
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
The world around you, requires a mend
It is up to you and yours to defend.
Rise good people, rise in your years,
Humanity needs you, to end its fears.
Love and hope draws strength from within,
Use it now so a new world can begin.
Rise good people awake from the frost,
We’re under siege now, our communities are lost.
Wars are being waged, in many different places,
The darkness descends, leaving evil faces.
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
Lift your compassion, use your common sense,
Clear the fog away that’s gathered so dense.
Rise good people, awaken, open your eyes,
Now is our chance before everything dies.
In your heart is the purest of power
Use it now, this is your hour!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monotheistic Shadows

Monotheistic Shadows

A despairing mood descends on me, the shadows cast are long,
Children’s cries from far away, they echo what is wrong.

What you’re told and how it is, are very different things,
there seems to be an agenda, paid words by established rings.

Hidden behind the curtain, money weaves its dirty trails,
filled with evil intentions, uncaring to cries and wails.

Vile acts, bloodthirsty minds, western hubris plays on and on,
human values are absent, and empathy is gone.

Criminal lands created, ruled by demon kings,
supporting terror minions, disguised as Arab Spring.

They target spirituality, lay siege on peace within,
then force their will on society, through misery, hate and sin.

The Satanic beast is strengthened, emerging from its castle,
receiving help from murder kings, it rejoices with its vassals.

In western lands of apathy, the people are in a daze,
the oceans burn with fire, the skies are in a haze.

Evil’s face is showing, in Tel Aviv and the west’s Riyadh,
NATO leaders bowing, to a system’s God that’s mad.

Feeding on community, enthralled by human fear,
the beast begins a massacre, doctrine is all you hear.

Vile marauders fill the ranks, of the Armageddon horde,
they trample down humanity with terrorist gun and sword.

Support by colluding nations, the leaders are all in bed,
a coven of Satan’s army, the streets have all turned red.

Food and wine corrupted, corporate prayers to demon Gods,
baptized in Khazar temples and ruled from the land of Gog.

Armageddon rides a horse, and brings with it confusion,
arise good people everywhere, break free from greed’s illusion.

Embrace empathic vision, the true spirit within us all,
together we can save the day, before mankind does fall.

Re-written March 14th, 2015, 

I originally wrote this poem while watching helplessly in horror as the western world and all its allies allowed Israel to continue their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people through a 52 day bombing campaign from June to August 2014 that killed thousands of women, children and men…a holocaust by a satanic mentality that has become the status quo of western civilization…

As an empathic person with common sense that believes in equality, respect, peace and justice for all, I cannot stay silent while these atrocities continue…and thus my disgust and contempt of the Western governments come through in my writing…

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The ZION Beast

The ZION Beast

The creature stands in front of its lair engulfed in flames of rage proclaiming its war on mankind…Blindness surrounds the colourless souls that hear only the echoed voices of illusion…and like lemmings, they follow into sway, burning with the fires of madness.

Away in the distance, the cries of the besieged echo in streets now cast in darkness. Fires rage with crackling smoke, while the dead search for reason. Columns of greed and hate move in to crush the souls of children as the demons feed from their blood lust and cheer in delight from their mountain tops. The ZION Beast is revealed for all to see…and may God damn it back to hell!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Road Home

The Road Home

Adorned and Decorated by paintings of light from universal galleries of thought,
vision takes me beyond imposed barriers to my freedom and peace of mind.
Empathy illuminates the endless dimensions before me, and chases away the night, while my heart breathes the fragrance of the valley and my soul touches the sky.

Imprints of reflected vision birthed by love long ago,
reveals its mystery and weaves itself into understanding and happiness.
Here I leave my experience of tears and laughter to paint the last canvass of memories and say
“I love you!”

Friday, July 11, 2014

Only the Guilty

Only the Guilty
Only the guilty launch aggressive war
Their vile greed precedes them and still they want more.
They justify their lies from the bullets fired back.
They slaughter the innocent in vicious attacks.
Only the guilty usurp all the powers
And build themselves walls and towers.
Extended Paranoia, solidified in their crimes 
There is nothing they wont do to cross the line
Only the guilty create stories of propaganda
To hide behind their walls of hate and slander
Lying to the unaware they cover up what they’ve done
Then build more settlements on what they’ve won.
Only the guilty point fingers of false blame
Another weapon unleashed in their vitriolic game
They excuse their crimes with lies and revisions
They play the victim to justify their decisions
Only the guilty make laws to protect themselves
Seizing power and governance in a pact with hell
Always fearful, always couth,
They pass their bills to criminalize the truth
Only the guilty will excuse ethnic cleansing
To justify and wash away the laws they are bending
They extinguish the light and usher in darkness
They use their god to justify harshness
Only the guilty are blind to massive crimes
Egos of ignorance, a sickness in their minds 
They legalize torture and build more prisons
They demonize the vanquished and silence the visions
Only the guilty attack and form an alliance
Then brutalize their victims who stand in defiance
Hatred comes from their decaying minds
Death and damnation is all you’ll find
Be aware and heed this warning,
Damnation will come for the guilty one morning
Judgement waits it will take its time
But be assured real justice is not blind.

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