Tuesday, April 30, 2019



Bottom drops from under foot,
loathing eyes are hollow,
panic paints declining streets,
civil unrest will follow.

Markets fall at margin call,
employers close their doors,
bankers call in all their loans,
to plunder from the poor.

Cargo, freight and traffic stop,
long line ups at the store,
speculators want your gold,
inflation starts to soar.

Accelerate the banknote press,
to feed the population,
rations made and then declared,
to ward off our starvation.

Tensions rise across the world,
coups n’ sanctions taking place,
terror wars with robber masks,
feeds the doomsday race.

All because they want control,
ownership through the banks,
oil backs their currency,
they take it with their tanks.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Stories for the Masses

Stories for the Masses

Stories for the masses,
censorship of the news,
with half truths unveiled,
and an enemy to accuse.

Lazy populations,
believe what they are told,
apathy on steroids,
simple minds to mold.

Shock and awe on repeat,
outrage is the plot,
stories for the masses,
to steer a crooked thought.

Even though revealed,
people believe the lies,
bathed in propaganda,
believing they are wise.

TV education,
with a world on the brink,
stories for the masses,
pawns unable to think.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

American Freedom

American Freedom

Those damned Americans are at it again,
another country down the drain,
a nation tried to claim its autonomy,
a moral right to sustain its economy.

But the Americans frown on independence,
so they refuse to allow a nations ascendance.
That’s why our days are filled with wars,
and all away from American shores.

How is it they have this right?
…this judge and jury, with military might?
They force a country to its knees’,
by theft of resources and the assets they seize.

U.S. wars start by sanctions,
plans that culminate into a coup,
and in this choke hold, if a nation persists,
the U.S. military, blast their way through.

Targets then in disarray, cities consumed by fire,
crushed by American freedom and their greedy desire.
Economic slavery is all that remains,
of a once proud people, now in chains.

Culture destroyed, population in famine,
all to please American Mammon.

What will happen when they’ve claimed them all?
each nation enslaved in the overhaul.
One thing’s for sure, a dictatorship has amassed,
for the days of freedom, have long since passed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019



The weight of days compounds its sorrows,
it builds uneasy themes,
impounding all my tomorrows,
I adjourn into a dream.

Where flow of time descends on me,
and connects me with the source,
reminding of the roles I play,
within ethereal force.

Prescience leads my memory,
to the themes I was before,
encompassing the rhythm,
and the manna to restore.

While the imprint of my program,
replays the task at hand,
the little hidden memory,
I carry and understand.

If proof be given by second sight,
to dream is all we need,
we’ll find ourselves within the light,
where consciousness is freed.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Across the River Styx

Across the River Styx

Misty mornings, coming to,
subconscious world on a ridge,
forest dead where once it grew,
above a rickety bridge.

The road ahead, where life must go,
through mists of truthful meaning,
a meeting place of life and death,
where the bridge of Styx is leaning.

Treading narrow paths of vision,
over raging rivers of before,
one missed step could spell your end,
and plunge you through the door.

To a meeting place where essence churns,
and truth may be revealed,
into the waters where memories burn,
and the ego is unconcealed.

Saturday, March 2, 2019



Peace and contentment,
answers in the rain,
washing sorrows from us,
to ease us from our pain.

A new day rises,
from the one that's fallen apart,
while darkness wanes to shadows,
comfort confirms the start.

It is a time of new beginnings,
a season of old ends,
a reason to remember,
a time to be with friends.

...and there upon the crest of dreams,
where conscious thoughts do flow,
awaits for you the golden key,
that makes your essence glow.

For in a world of new beginnings,
is a place that never ends,
internal, it is calling,
for you to make amends.

This Poem was inspired by “Carillon”, a beautiful song by David Ian Roberts

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

A New Year's Message for the World

A New Year's Message for the World

Life is but a fleeting moment, a short period of time where everyone is engaged in a lifelong journey to seek the answers and reasons for why they are here. At the same time, it is important to build the foundations for a better world, to secure a future for our communities, which can only be achieved through unity.

We have yet to find agreement on the procedures on how to get there collectively even though the map is in everyone’s hands…

We learn from our mistakes and from each other, but today we are focused in trying to destroy each others illusion’s instead of building a bridge for our common bond in compassion, morality and vision of building a better world.

Patience…patience with the heart of empathy for all life, is the ultimate lesson we must learn if we are to lay the foundations of our future.

…and so, another year begins with an open mind in anticipation that the world will come together as one; to rebuild our communities with moral common sense and vision for the future as we eradicate the illnesses of greed and power that plague our minds.

One day we will return to the empathy that connects our essence to each other and the stars in the night sky…and on that day, everyone will understand and smile.

Happy New Year everyone!

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