Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Song

My Song

My favourite song is playing again,
the music shifts back the years,
To faces and places that bring me home,
To the days we had no fears.

Traveling time to be with you,
To moments we lived forever.
Evenings filled with American Pie,
With Cheshire smiles endeavoured.

There was nothing then, we couldn’t do,
When we hung around together,
The world at large our modeling clay
Ours to mold and weather.

The roads exciting, we traveled far,
Our energy fast and strong,
those were the days, I remember well,
that come back to me in song.

Notes a brim with wine and roses,
Eternal promises meant to keep,
The days of smiling faces,
The days that make me weep.

I see you there, shining bright,
Defying time to end,
Old moments created, they’re with me now,
with the happiness that they send.
About this Poem: Music is a most giving experience that also has the power to transcend time. Songs can take us on a trip as if we just stepped into a conscious time machine where we go back to moments long ago to see faces and places while feeling the ambience of the time…moments that seem like yesterday.

Don McLean – American Pie

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