Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shadow Empire III

Shadow Empire III

Long shadows of night descend on cities of broken dreams,
Where supremacists seize power in a coup revoking rights of existence.

A perverse, wicked neoteric Rome rises in the west,
Empowering its faithful greedy hordes, with promises never meant to keep.

Battle lines reach antediluvian empires, as Imperial malevolence is unleashed,
Ancient cities have been set on fire, for a pocket full of gold.

Yet, awareness flows through empathic vision,
filling passions of those who uphold morality, freedom and justice.
The army of righteous now rises, to the last lines of defence,
We rise, we rise and stand on guard.

About this Poem: Current world events reflected in 100 words...It's part of a longer write I made a while ago called ”We Stand on Guard”. This one was for a contest with the subject line, "World War III" in 100 words or less. 

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