Monday, October 14, 2019



Reds, blues, browns and greens,
smiling at you on cell phone screens,
the banker’s election is drawing near,
that’s why their candidates want your ear.

They promise things with endless chatter,
to divert your eyes from things that matter,
like homelessness, poverty and why its growing,
they ignore the reasons, keep you from knowing.

Like the wars they support, the corporate capers,
in collusion with banks who control the papers.
all packaged in budgets that they pass,
with contracts going to the upper class.

Yet on the street starvation is critical,
caused by greed of the political,
our life blood flows down the drain,
hidden from camera’s that have no shame.

The day is here, you can change direction,
a new beginning with this election,
but under masks they’re all two faced,
employed by criminals they’ve embraced.

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