Friday, February 12, 2016

Eternal Light

Eternal Light

Come to me…

You my child, who toils in light and darkness,
I am here in brilliance, as a reminder of our bond.
Remember me, when you are weary,
when confusion blocks your way.

You are of me, and I of infinite fire,
our light is one, the candle of all souls,
light never extinguished,
that lives in thoughts and dreams.

I am the father of life, and the son of eternity,
the well of souls, replenishment of mind and spirit.
I am the light that glows, and creator of shadow,
the conscious energy of our essence.

Come to me…

James Yuill – No Surprize

Video Source: World United Music


  1. Well done, thank you for bringing this to us

  2. It suddenly came to me, yesturday 2-11-2016, that God knows the future for he has already written it, in fact he knows the past and the present, just as well. He has it written in a little book in his pocket, so whenever he wonders about any one of us, he takes out his little book and looks through it to see this or that little set-back in our lives, what has become of us because of it. When he sees something good come from something we view as bad, occuring in our lives, well, he then allows it to happen, for he knows the outcome will improve us, teach us, make us better, stronger, nicer, blessed. It has taken me almost 50 years to realise this, but I know it now, and will not forget it!!!


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