Tuesday, February 28, 2017



What becomes of humanity?

…When the planning for war takes precedence over the caring of our children…

Where are human values?

…When it is more important to save a corporation from bankruptcy than it is to save a community from corporate greed…

What becomes of the human soul?

…When authoritarian conditioning replaces empathic reasoning, moral principals and common sense…

Where lays humanity’s future?

…When we surrender our spiritual being to the voracious animal that lies within…

The Activist Poet
About this Expression:

Today people have been conditioned to accept the words and position of their authority figures instead of moral principals and common sense. Mankind has been enslaved by a sociopathic few. Yet it is entirely humanities fault for allowing the atrocities that have befallen the world to happen…because we have freely given our power and our trust to a soulless private banking and corporate meme who’s sole objective is to seek profit for themselves by whatever means necessary.

The corporate beast does not follow moral guidelines. It’s focused on only one thing, their bottom line. Decisions are made based on economics as corporations do not adhere to any moral principals…Its sole objective is profit, and the driver of it, is greed…

Once, there was a time when our communities were protected from predators. Our own human commitments to each other through organization and strength were based on a code of ethics and moral standing which was applied by common sense and empathy. These were the ruling guidelines that bonded all of us.

The natural laws given to us by our existence belong to all…and so our existence is due to the strength of our community. These facts are what allowed us to survive a millennium of constant upheaval.

Yet now in the age of corporate control, people who practice a return to the moral values of giving and sharing with each other, have been outlawed by the sociopathic few who control society with a corporate iron fist. They are monsters who write history in their ugly image while hypnotizing the masses with greedy illusions…

If humanity wakes up, it just might be too late as we are now facing our own extinction…

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