Monday, February 15, 2016

Corporate Pestilence

Corporate Pestilence

Corporations gather, they plan the coming year,
Sales are down and falling, invoking massive fear.

When mega corps collapse, economies begin to rumble,
Companies go out of business, and stocks begin to tumble.

Corporate direction requires, decisions in a flash,
Like new improved products, marked up for bigger cash.

But exponential growth, brings an apocalyptic curse,
famine, war, and pestilence, followed by the hearse.

Breaking news at six, six, six, with a new scientific study,
Funded by corporate memes, their hands are really bloody.

Zika virus mosquitoes, now spreading massive fear,
Mediums break to tell you, disguise how they appear.

What they say and how it is, are very different things,
pesticides are responsible, for the calamity that they bring.

In truth there’s growth inhibitors, in pesticides released,
to stop larvae from growing, is the nature of this beast.

Masked disease unleashed, they poison the water table,
Approved by rigged inspections, rubber stamping label.

Inventive little stories, now carried by little bugs,
that reproduce in water, to sell new twisted drugs.

I wonder how they do it, just in the nick of time,
poison groups of people, to save their bottom line.

When Wall Street falls I worry, about what they’ll do that day,
for moral accounts are empty, and people are their prey.


  1. Nice, thank you for bringing this to us

    1. Thanks for your continued support Martin, it's very much appreciated. 8-)


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