Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mercenary Army

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Mercenary Army

Private Banks, economic scourges,
Global unrest, anxiety surges.

Coups and plunder, by covert means,
Funded and outsourced by banking memes.

Shadow Government, NSA,
Northrop, America, France and UK.

Frontier services, Blackwater, and Xi,
Cerebus, G4S, Academi.

Corporate cancer, mercenary corps,
Frankenstein monsters, money whores.

Satanic armies, minions from hell,
Barbaric animals, terrorist cells.

Empowered by government, elected supremacists,
Traitors, monsters, war mongering chemists.

Demons unleashed, from corporate cocoons,
Nurtured in hatred, these shadow baboons.

Devouring nations, with souls they have bought,
Their victims, the people, are left there to rot.

Outsourced wars, millions in flight,
no accountability or oversight.

Corporate media, inventing their lead,
Propaganda paid by shareholder greed.

Network lies, on broadcast TV,
False Flags wave, by Academi.

Viewers believe the films that are made,
Nations go under, mercenaries get paid.

About this Poem:

In the 21st century, war has been privatized by oligarchs who have risen to power through the profits of their banks and corporations. Not only do they own the weapons corporations, they also fund private mercenary armies that have been legalized by government simply by putting a corporate label on them to legitimize their existence. The armies that they breed are unaccountable for their actions and work by covert means to push corporate directives.

These mercenary animals have been reared in hatred, trained by psychotic military criminals, and unleashed upon the world by sociopathic monsters contracted by greedy oligarchs. They are economic terrorists and a plague to all life on the planet. They are an aggressive, malignant cancer that must be stopped.

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