Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Fractal King Has Fallen

The Fractal King Has Fallen

Sad news finds the morning, our sovereign has passed away,
Emotion ascends the spirit, my essence in disarray.

Memory fills despairing eyes, an aura of rain descends,
Pooling emotional canvas, reflection of time and friends.

The Fractal King has fallen, his brilliance passed to light,
Our solemn grief is deafening, the memories very bright.

Lonely piano stands silent, in the room a king was crowned,
Gathered in the hall of voices, where music plays no sound.

Waves of followers gather, flush with eternal grief,
Oceans filled with tears, a tribute to their Chief.

Bonds of empathic tether, thoughts embracing leed,
Remembrance here together, by his music we are freed.

Creative independence, a gift by his decision,
We lift out from the darkness, embracing sound and vision.

David Bowie - Sound & Vision

Video Source: David Bowie - YouTube

Rest in Peace David Bowie
1947 Jan 08th – 2016 Jan 10th

About this Poem:

A big part of music is the magic that it creates as it connects us spiritually and socially with the past...the memories, stories, people, and the way it was back then, all comes racing back. Every song holds memories and contains a small piece of our time with each other here on Earth. All of these memories, that connect us to our youth returns with all the emotions, experiences, and vibrancy from the days we thought we would live forever...

Today we mourn the loss of someone who was a big part of our collective memories…all of us, on a personal conscious level, connected with him in thought…he is still there, and he will always be a part of you and me.

David Bowie changed the way the world thought about many things and defied a rigid establishment, leading the way by creative example. He was a creative pioneer that connected with humanity and pushed the envelope of creative independence…The best thing we can do in remembrance to David Bowie is to be ourselves, by expressing who we are through the Sound and Vision that defines us. Today a new journey begins…

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  1. Enjoyed this. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Martin, it's much appreciated. 8-)


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