Sunday, February 8, 2015

Midnight Dreams

Midnight Dreams

The tree swing moved in silence, with graceful thrusts in air,
Victorian gown was swaying, on the young lady sitting there.

The summer night was dreamy, with the moon hidden by clouds,
Shimmering on the forest lake, were reflections of satin shrouds.

The air was filled with lyric, in earthly poetic psalm,
an atmosphere inviting, tranquil, serene and calm.

There at the edge of the timber, shadows passed into the light,
moving towards the shaman queen, this solstice evening night.

Gathered on a gentle breeze, empathy touched their spirit,
impressions from a conscious mind, assuring not to fear it.

Tonight begins the healing, by a mothers prayer in song,
impassioned melody of guidance, and call to do no wrong.

Her voice was very gentle, carried on heartbeats breath,
with chakra modulations, so subtle and full of depth.

Light of thought in brilliance, before my eyes in sleep,
a vision of twilight's awakening, and gift for me to keep.

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