Thursday, February 19, 2015

Forest of Dreams and Consciousness

Forest of Dreams and Consciousness

In forests of dreams and consciousness, the universe does unfold,
along the stairway of knowledge, where stories of truth are told.

Each level a grand finally, each step a secret place,
The road to your awakening, is waiting for your embrace.

It begins with Psilocybin, Entheogen portals and flowers,
Expanding mind and consciousness, deciphering all your powers.

The mind does gently open, your awareness exponential,
woodlands of incitement, to lift your true potential.

Beacons of light await you, sentinels for each stride,
do not be afraid of them, they’re there to be your guide.

Here in the world of wonders, energy unfolds for you,
a universe filled with consciousness, in forests to go through.

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