Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Little Miracle

Our Little Miracle

Spring arrived early that year, in our little village of Rome,
as migration came much sooner, and livened up our home,
Life worked out a miracle, after the doctors we did phone,
and our family tree grew bigger, the couple no longer alone.

Just out back in our garden, where the family oak tree stood,
was a wicker basket carriage, with a white frilly hood.
There inside smiling, was our pride, and next generation,
our newborn baby girl, who would inherit our plantation.

My wife and I stood there, our arms around each other,
Smiling at our little one, who looked just like her mother.
If only dad were still with us, your mum, and father too,
We could take a family picture, while the flowers are in bloom.

The morning mist was lifting, as the birds were in full song,
they gathered in the trees above as more birds joined along.
Then landing on the carriage sides, two sparrows began to play,
their chirping brought more laughter, and chased the morning grey.

The clouds dissolved and parted, as the sun shone down its rays,
and there above the carriage, was a glow that seemed to stay.
Our little girl was looking up, something made her smile,
as if someone were standing there, talking to her a while.

I grabbed my little camera, took a picture of the beautiful sight,
I swear we saw three figures, winged, and filled with light.
And just as quick they vanished, as the clouds returned the shade,
But deep inside, my wife and I, knew who came that day.

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