Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Vision of Beauty

Adolphe √Čtienne Piot (1850-1910), Femme dans un manteau (1871),
Oil on canvas, 40 x 52 cm. Via Sotheby’s.

Vision of Beauty

A vision of beauty imprisons me,
I'm overwhelmed by an empathic soul.
I must move in for a closer look,
this viewing that makes me whole.

And there my gaze unfurls,
at the painting on the wall.
Impressions of a lonely girl
Hooded with a shawl.

A smile content with ruby lips,
eyes serene and open.
With hands in clasp, thoughts do slip,
her heart no longer broken.

Compassionate feelings plain in view,
expressed by her caring thoughts.
Imprints on my mind a new,
no longer am I fraught.

Happiness abounds unfolding,
from eyes without despair.
A vision so bright and beholding,
this girl before me in prayer.

Portrait of Immortal Vision,
so misty eyed and clear of mind.
The artist captured your decision,
and the inner peace that you did find.

I must come back to have a look,
at the lonely girl on the wall,
Her tender smile fills my book,
when I visit the museum hall.

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