Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Waiting for Departure, Alone on a Bench

Waiting for Departure, Alone on a Bench

Summer evening, gibbous moon, its radiance overflowing,
with collective souls on display, the sky above is glowing.

Spirits pass in front of me, travelling to the light,
adding to the brilliance of the orb that sails the night.

And there upon the ship that’s docked, above the blue horizon,
my soulmate Cath is waiting there as full moon is a rising.

Memories precious, turned to grey, in silence of your smile,
when lunar cycle claimed your soul, upon this emerald isle.

Still I hear your echoes call, with words that carry vision,
reflections from our pool of thoughts, remind there’s no division.

For scrolls of infinity, hold our names, bound with a seal,
forever mending hearts and time, a bond that helps us heal.

The moon now passes overhead and returns to western skies,
releasing essence to the heavens towards a new sunrise.

And so the journey carries on, Cath’s death is not the ending,
we’ll meet again, on distant shore, where faith rekindles mending.

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