Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Minstrel

The Minstrel

The howling wind gave a menacing air, to the winter’s coldest night,
It sent a shiver and trembling, like an omen before the plight.

Then suddenly a knock and shadow, drew attention to everyone’s sight,
Slowly the Inn’s door opened, as the Minstrel stepped into the light.

With sobering Calm and with a smile, he threw off his lute and cloak,
The candle flickered at his table, as he called for drink and smoke.

He sat down on a wooden chair, his pipe in his left hand,
A well deserved rest now, from his travels across the land.

Tell us what you’ve heard my man, tell us all a tale,
Tell us of the tallest ships, and where they set their sails.

The Minstrel smiled back, through the smoke and embers of his pipe,
He swung his lute across his chest, and gave the frets a wipe,

As they Gathered around his table, coins appeared in front of him,
For tonight they would hear new stories, and songs that never dim.

The Minstrel nodded gracefully, and began to strum a tune,
The Inn then fell quite silent, as he held the attentive room.

Have you heard of the tyrant mayor, the ruler of the land,
Or the fate of the rising people, who together made a stand.

Rebellion was in the air, from the heavy burden on them all,
When the people rose and spoke as one, the mayor he did fall.

Be so ever thoughtful, to the power one does hold,
And be so ever attentive, to those entrusted with your gold.

The tavern burst in merriment, happy with the travelers song,
Faces brimmed with acknowledgement, the Minstrel wasn’t wrong.

Tunes of fallen empires, songs of lost love retold,
He played into the early hours, till the morning did unfold.

Night after night he stayed at the Inn, until it was time for him to go,
He packed his things, gathered his gifts, and hung his lute in tow.

When the bard came over to divvy up, the keeper smiled and said,
Thank you for the service sir, no charge for the room and bed.

The Minstrel smiled and nodded his head, and thanked his gracious host,
Then he stepped out of the doorway, as the wind swept away his ghost.

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