Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shoe Shocked

Shoe Shocked

Sun shining bright what a beautiful day,
such fine weather for a stroll by the bay.

I pick up my shoes and pick up my socks,
then gasp in horror, my eyes are in shock.

My right shoe tattered with holes on one side,
“to be seen in these? I still have my pride!”

I look to the rack at old runners there,
with heals lop sided, long rip and a tear.

Looking modest, I go shopping for shoes,
these dirty old runners will have to do.

arriving there to a frenzy and sale,
the showroom’s crowded, I cannot fail.

I’ll have to hurry and get to the racks,
before they’re all gone, they’re not charging the tax.

There’s so many shoes that I do not like,
the worst were the blues with pink and red stripes.

I found a pair but they’re not in my size,
smooth black loafers, cushioned soles n’ ties.

I searched all the racks from top to bottom,
where my size should be they haven’t got-em.

Looking down at my shoes, I’m not happy,
holes now bigger, my shoes look so crappy.

I swallowed my pride asked for assistance,
bowing head to vanity’s insistence.

The salesperson smiles and asks what I need,
I point to the rack where my shoes should be.

“I’m so sorry sir, we’re all out of stock,”
“Let me check in the back, check at the dock.”

But below stores counter are shoes in my size,
the sales clerk smiles, “You’ve got good eyes!”

I try one on, my elation discrete,
the shoe fits perfect, I feel so complete.

I pay for the shoes and make for the door,
thank the salesman and depart from the store.

Now arriving home content with my day,
I make my plans for a stroll by the bay.

I take out new loafers, gosh they look neat,
but the shoes that I bought, have two left feet.
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