Monday, September 23, 2013

Forbidden Places

Forbidden Places

Houses of extension,
retains apprehension,
all in condescension,
no one’s comprehension.

Quorum of dissention,
scandals never mentioned,
treasure in retention,
blindness as prevention.

Justice with exemption,
acts without detention,
lies beyond attention,
crimes by their intention.

Places of redemption,
storied with pretention,
gods of their invention,
gather for ascension.
The Activist Poet
 (Re-Edited 20200614)

About this Poem: The wealthy few control and own all paths of economics, real estate and supplies of need. Their rule was acquired by criminal acts that were declared legal by their own governance of economic and spiritual charades. As such, they believe themselves noble, untouchable and saints to the gods they create.

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