Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Living Moments

In Living Moments

Graceful thoughts descend on me, from a time not long ago,
Flowing from the well of life, they heal my sadness so.
Memories filled with happiness, from the days that passed me by,
In the days we lived forever, our souls they touched the sky,

In a world once grand and living, our dreams were full of life,
Empathic souls so giving, no one lived in strife.  
We sang of hope and tenderness, the good things that we would do,
Enacting all our feelings, to build the world a new.

Recalling the last days hence, when we drifted far apart,
Ending all our building, and the things that we did start.
Time has slowly consumed us all, and left our deeds forsaken,
Its forests are so blind and dense, but our memories are not taken.

Time is moving slowly now, out of phase with everything,
It’s echoed in old voices, and the songs that we did sing.
Memories filled with distance, recalled in waning years,
Fill me with a melancholy, as my eyes well up with tears.

Words forever lasting, our bonds will never break,
Distant memories tied together, in the light that we did make.
So come forward now enlightened ones, take root in family trees,
Let's sing our world to building, let's paint for all to see.

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