Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Awakening

The Awakening

I sat there and watched the sun set on a World that would be forever changed. Deep within, thoughts wrestled emotions, not believing, yet perceiving the end of an era, as I watched the astral sky descend into night…a planetary alignment not seen in an age, engaged my rhythms and pulled me in.

A shield arose within me cast in light by thought as feelings merged…sword enflamed, clasped right handed in oath for peace, and justice would prevail.

Empathic vision in lands unseen by will of thought traversed by polar attraction; It was the moment to right all wrongs; the time had come for all good people to rise, to unite against those profiteers that laid siege to our World.

Thoughts spoken, and anxious moments energized by unseen forces, pushed me forward. The matrix growing stronger within, laid waste my previous life. Weak from wrongs committed by addiction, I cast off the shell of the old World…memory now cleared of plastic platitudes, and binary vision.

I roamed the country in deep thought, searching, learning as new life does. Changes within, in anticipation, so slow, but always on time…I explored and visited every untied thought that made up my life, and wrote the book of me.

Layer after layer laden in lies taught, peeled away as the foundations within grew in light. Truth lay hidden, no longer.

All was filtered by Eyes wide open, sifting light from darkness and into wealth that became my soul. I moved forward, day-by-day, growing in knowledge, and in wisdom, to the rhythm, to the truth…revelation of the days ahead. I have awakened!

The drums beat within my heart, my spirit soared with eagles, internal rhythm's forever changed by the wisdom unfolding within me.

Truth begets Freedom…and Peace, ushers in Love, Light & Tranquility!

I have awakened…

Stewart Brennan

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