Sunday, August 24, 2014

Return to Sanity

Return to Sanity

Returning the World to sanity rests on an appeal to the intellect of all moral abiding citizens the World over, but especially to the people of the West…where pointing out different historical perspectives and facts to what really happened 100 plus years ago, will instigate Historical revision and correct the error-filled history books that were provided by the one sided point of view of the powerful economic money trust…

Human Industrialized Civilization has arrived at a crossroads where we must collectively evolve past the belief that "economics and war" are the only answers to sustain a way of life…we will either have a massive intellectual awakening and call to action, or there will be a continuation towards our total destruction…Currently, these choices have been left in the hands of insane and incompetent leaders who prefer to impose war and austerity on the people of the World rather than collaborate on real solutions to build a better World…If we choose apathy and continue down paths chosen for us by an economic elite, we will assure our own collective suicide…the choice is yours…

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