Tuesday, September 18, 2012


~ BIO-Fear ~
“Values Change for Survival” ~ Oren Lyons – Native American Faith Keeper

As the establishment continues down the current negative energy plain of greed and power, destruction will only multiply in scope and intensity to envelop the entire planet, and bring civilization to an end unless we change our values from negative to positive.

Since the establishment controls the direction of civilization and is unwilling to stop feeding off of negative energy, it will be up to as many of us as possible to change our own energy flow by stepping out of their system of controls to a way of life that is positive in all energy directions.

The race to destroy the planet will not stop unless the majority of people lift themselves out from under their establishment’s greedy negative energy mindset. This is the challenge to everyone on our planet today, and time is running out before all negative trends come together in a clash of war, civilization’s collapse, and death.

The more people that remain in the current pattern of negative energy, the quicker this time line will accelerate to its finality. Civilization is in decay because the foundations are based on lies, greed and power grabbing. It is not desirable to save this negative mathematical matrix of decay and yet when it does go down there will be a lot of pain. The question is will we survive and that depends on what the masses decide. If the majority of the Earths people choose to change their values from greed and lust for power to mutual cooperation and respect, we will change the direction of the negative to a positive in this mathematical matrix of life or death. It is entirely up to you what comes next. We need to change our reality…

Mindset’s and Habits Learned Early in Life

The negative energy matrix is extremely difficult to pull away from because we have been programmed from a very young age to embrace it and that there is no other way to live…but if we are going to save life on Earth, we need to use common sense and pull back from the direction of our collapsing society…Time is short now, as we see another war unfold before us…each individual must make a decision to break free from their fears and step away from the establishment’s economic system and program. Material things do not matter when health is at stake, only the positive energy of love can change the direction, so use this wisdom in your daily routines and repeat often so that it becomes a subconscious choice and direction.

Start interacting, communicating with each other and forming a social bond that helps you and your communities live without the monetary system or the programs that feed it.

Today’s system of government does not have the community’s survival at heart, they are concerned with maintaining a dying economic model and that brings with it all the wrong choices empowered by negative decisions and energy…it is doomed to fail.

Let go of your fears, and open your minds to positive energy and repeat mutual respect often until your subconscious mind is reprogrammed where decisions become instinct, all your internal battles will be won…replace the negative values with positive ones…

In Peace, Love, Empathy and Respect
Stewart Brennan

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