Sunday, September 16, 2012

Brother Bear

Brothers of the Bear

Brothers of the Bear,
joined in spirit,
bring us together,
bridging worlds seen and unseen.

Sages of great medicine to the people,
healing the land, and the creatures upon it.
Come now, hear our song.

Brothers of the Bear Clan,
joined in spirit,
coming together from around the world,
from places seen and unseen.

Heal the land and the people upon it,
free their minds from greed,
come now, and we will sing together,
we are Brothers of the Bear.

Brothers of the Bear,
Spirit song and dance,
in worlds seen and unseen,
prepare the way for the cleansing,
and resurrect our past.

My deepest respects to the North American First Nations.

My offering of prayer in song as your brother and fellow human being, native to mother earth. I am far from my ancestors tribe, but connect to the spirit world here, where the circle unites us.

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